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AOC reveals two segments for “AGON” gaming brand

AOC has recently launched its new premium gaming monitor brand “AGON” earlier this year. The AGON brand and initial line of displays were revealed around the launch date, but AGON will now separate its lineup of displays into two categories: AGON I and AGON II. Their main point of differentiation is the anti-tearing chip used (NVIDIA G-SYNC for AGON I and Adaptive-Sync for AGON II), though there are also other specifications that differ between them.

AOC Agon 27” (Manila Bulletin)

AOC Agon 27” (Manila Bulletin)

 AGON: AOC’s line of premium gaming monitors

AGON displays will put the competitive gamer’s vision at heart with a focus on high performance and convenient design. The mission is to bring beginner and professional gamers alike closer to their champion aspirations.

AGON displays have several standard specifications among them as a way to set a high benchmark for the AGON monitor gaming experience. These include high refresh rates (mostly 144Hz or above) along with 1ms response times, which ensure ultra-smooth movement on screen. While a luxury for many, 144Hz or above refresh rates are becoming standard for pro gamers striving for peak performance. Other benchmark specs include eye protection with AOC Flicker Free and Low Blue Light.

The displays will also have a new, custom-designed AOC Ergo Enhance setup. The setup includes a brand new height and angle-adjustable stand, a built-in headset hanger, and more.


AOC Agon 31.5” (Manila Bulletin)

AOC Agon 31.5” (Manila Bulletin)

As part of the AGON product strategy, AGON displays have been split into two main categories, determined mainly by the type of anti-tear technology used in the display.

AGON I displays come equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC, a piece of proprietary technology that smooths out gameplay, reduces input lag, eliminates ghosting and prevents screen tearing.Though more expensive than rival solutions, NVIDIA G-SYNC has been around longer than other solutions, has slightly better and more consistent performance, and are often paired with NVIDIA video cards, which are seen as among the best in the industry.

AGON II displays come equipped with Adaptive-Sync, which is less expensive than NVIDIA G-SYNC. It also smooths out gameplay, reduces input lag, and prevents screen tearing. The lower cost and barely-noticeable compromise in performance makes the AGON II segment more accessible for the mass market. AGON II monitors also come with a few extra optimization tools, including but not limited to AOC Shadow Control, AOC Game Modes and a QuickSwitch remote for fast lighting and contrast adjustment.