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Movie-to-watch: Ang Patintero

Patintero is a Filipino street game that is a modified version of tag. Played on a rectangular grid made up of 5 rectangles, the object of the game is to cross the grid and get back to the starting line without being tagged out by a defending team. It is usually played with four man teams. Who gets to be a runner and a defender is decided by a coin toss.

The players then take their position like this (Where O are the attackers and X the defenders). The film centers on Meng Francisco (Nafa-Hilario Cruz), a 10-year old who loves one thing: Patintero. The only hitch is that she’s terrible at it and her reputation has earned her the title of the neighborhood patalo (loser).

But in the continuing struggle against the high school team that has one-sidedly claimed the territory of the local sari-sari store, Meng forms an unlikely team of fellow losers to finally challenge the high schoolers in the game of their lives. In this heroic effort to win back what was unfairly taken from her and her friends, Meng will train, bleed, and do almost anything to fight for what she wants: a good game of Patintero on the streets. And what she does for it will be the stuff of legends.

The film stars Nafa Hilario-Cruz, Isabel Frial, William Buenavente, Claude Adrales, Vincent Magbanua, Suzette Ranillo, and Katya Santos.

Directed by Mihk Vergara, with producers Dan Villegas and Bernard Dacanay, the movie’s screenplay was written by Zig Marasigan and visual helmsman is Myco David.