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Getting personal with the inimitable Perla Bautista

I am so blessed to be part of Carlo J. Caparas’ new movie “Kamandag Ng Droga.” It’s anti-drug and has attracted many A1 stars to join in like Christopher de Leon, Lorna Tolentino, Eddie Gutierrez, Jackie Lou Blanco, Niño Muhlach, Mark Newman, Sarah Lahbati, Ricardo Cepeda, and Bobby Andrews, among many others.

Note that one of my favorite actresses is also in the movie: Perla Bautista. We had a chat recently and I just had to share a bit of it to you, dear readers, as Madame Perla has so much wisdom to share.

Perla Bautista /Manila Bulletin

Perla Bautista /Manila Bulletin

About her childhood

“I was born in 1940 so I could still vividly remember Japanese planes bombing our place in Tondo. My family and I would usually take cover in nearby bomb shelters.

“Growing up, I wanted to help my parents earn a living. We were eight siblings and you could imagine how hard it was. I cooked and sold Turon while attending elementary school. When I was 15 years old, I falsified my documents to pass of as an 18-year-old to gain employment. Two years later, I joined LVN pictures.”

Her rumored relationship with Honorable Erap

“I first met him in 1962. We were paired in the movie ‘Markang Rehas,’ for which we won Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively.

“We were very good friends but rumors about us being more than that emerged. In respect to Loi (the Manila mayor’s wife), I left for Hong Kong at the height of the controversy. It was there that I met my first husband, the father of my one and only child Jude.

“In his tenure as president I never reached out to him nor asked any favor except when lahar victims from Pampanga came to me asking for help. It was for the greater good so I went to Malacañang and personally asked help on their behalf.

“I wanted to visit him when he was incarcerated, but I was afraid it would start the rumor mill. In respect to Loi and their children, I just prayed to God to give him strength and for justice to prevail.”


“To this day, I only ask God one thing: To help me help others in need.

“I also ask the Lord to help me do at least one good deed a day… to serve my husband, to share wisdom to my son and his wife, to share happiness to anyone I meet, to share my testimony of faith on how God has saved me.”