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This fine phone is not an iPhone, for real!

SKK has brought in one of the most interesting, if not controversial, smartphone on the market. From a quick top glance, anyone would’ve guessed this piece of handset is an iPhone 6s. Upon closer inspection however, and we mean a much closer inspection, anyone, especially Apple fans, will see that this could probably be, one of the best iPhone doppleganger ever.

Here we show you, the SKK Hyper X Blade.

 /Manila bulletin

/Manila bulletin

So, why is Apple not suing SKK? Well apparently, a company needs to have nine differences, no matter how tiny it may seem, in order to avoid “getting served” in court. Here are the things that set the SKK Hyper X Blade aside from Apple’s iPhone 6s.

1. The port

The iPhone 6s has a Lightning port beneath it. The SKK Hyper X Blade’s microUSB port is found above it.

2. Earphone jack

The SKK Hyper X Blade’s earphone jack is placed above it, right beside the microUSB port, while the iPhone 6s is found beneath it with the Lightning port.

3. SIM tray

The SIM tray is found on opposite sides between the two phones. SKK’s have theirs on the upper right side, while Apple has theirs on the lower right side.

4. Button placements

The SKK Hyper X Blade’s volume buttons are located on the upper right side, while the iPhone 6s’ on the lower left side. On top of that, the power buttons may be on the same right side of both phones, but SKK’s device’s is found below its volume buttons. The iPhone 6s’ power button is on the upper right side. The difference between the volume and power buttons count as two, but we’re putting them on the same number anyway.

5. A dot between the camera and the flash

That dot in the iPhone 6s is a microphone. The SKK Hyper X Blade is not visible.

6. A dot above the top speaker

The iPhone 6s has another black dot above its upper front speaker. This is a proximity sensor that turns the screen off while users are talking through the phone. SKK’s isn’t visible.

7. Silent/Ring mode

iPhones have a physical silent/ring mode buttons, which provides a swifter transition without powering up the phone. The SKK Hyper X Blade doesn’t have this button, and you’d need to open the screen and bring down the notifications menu and flip through the shortcut bar above just like any Android device.

8. A tiny, tiny hole

Yes this one counts. On the lower left side of the SKK Hyper X Blade is a small hole where it seems you can insert a small needle through it. The iPhone 6s retains a totally sealed screen and chassis.

9. Company logo

The most obvious when you flip it to the back, and yes, this one counts too.

The SKK Hyper X Cloud features Android 5 and runs on a 1.3GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM. It has a 16GB internal storage with memory expansion up to 128GB via microSD card. The rear camera has 13MP while the front is a decent 5MP snapper. And battery boasts a nice 2700mAh.

It may not be an iPhone but it is still worth a look.