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Go catch more with these Pokéball-inspired powerbanks

The Pokémon Go craze remains to be a storm of the century. Malls and other establishments have orchestrated “Pokémon lure parties” where people can find rare Pokemons to add to the Pokédex collection, and even without going to organized events, players are bound to run into a dozen more Pokémons running here and there.

However, the Pokémon Go app fires up all the cylinders in smartphones: GPS, WiFi/3G/LTE, screen, camera, etc, and and all of it takes a huge toll in the smartphone’s battery life. Admittedly, this makes Pokemon hunting less fun.

 /Manila bulletin

/Manila bulletin

That’s why powerbanks have become the life force of Pokémon GO players. While a regular powerbank will do, a few companies have released several powerbanks that looks like a Pokéball that will surely inspire more players to go outside and catch ‘em all.

There is the 10000mAh version of the Pokéball powerbank which has LED lights that could help players illuminate where they are walking.

The lights of the Pokéball powerbank is not that bright for players to use it as a main source of light in their current location, so it is still not recommended to play Pokémon GO in the darkest places around your neighborhood.

The 10000mAh Pokéball powerbank can fully charge your phone in a few hours, or, you can keep it plugged in and walking around the metro and start catching all day.

However, there is a 12000mAh version which could charge for up to 3 hours, but this Pokéball powerbank doesn’t have any LED lights. Although it has no LED lights, this 12000mAh version looks a lot more like the regular Pokéball than the 10000mAh powerbank because it doesn’t have any indentations that house panels in the 10000mAh version for LED lighting.