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Megawatt solar powered restaurant

By Yvette Nesas

Photos by Manny Llanes


A restaurant in a carwash—one of the things we don’t usually see everyday that is why Megawatt restaurant in Quezon City has captured the market and drove away (pun intended) with success.e1

Managed by entrepreneurial sisters Joyce and SJ Esteban, Megawatt Marketing Manager and Store Manager respectively, are professionals in their own right.  Joyce was a Registered Nurse who transitioned to a fulltime hotel front desk and entrepreneur with three restaurants under her belt.  SJ, on the other hand, has recently graduated from Marketing and took on the challenge of managing and improving all aspects of the restaurant.

As a seasoned restaurateur, Joyce knew that having good food wasn’t enough to make it in the competitive local food scene. She believed that having a concept that will stand out along with knowing the Filipino food palette is important.


Megawatt was inspired by the power plant visit made by Joyce’s partners in Cotabato. From there, they conceptualized the idea of creating a Texas-Mexican restaurant that’s powered by solar panels.

Joyce shared that the solar panel made their concept totally unique and eco-friendly at the same time. She claims that they are the first solar panel themed restaurant in the country.

SJ quipped that aside from the solar panels, they made sure that every aspect of a power plant themed restaurant was incorporated — solar panel themed tables, bright orange colors, jumpsuit uniforms with a hard hat, exposed pipes and cement floors.


Megawatt has two solar panels and each panel produces 250 watts of power.  They have a battery located at the side that’s directed to an inverter.   These were all purchased as a set.  SJ shares that, “It lasts for 2-3 hours on a daily basis with direct sunlight to light up the store.  But in case it’s raining, depending on the charging level, we’re directed to the power company for electricity source in case it drains out.”

With a ratio of 25% from solar panels and 75% from the power company, Joyce adds that the solar panels could easily power their small appliances and LED lights. They monitor their power consumption on a monthly basis and Joyce is happy to note that each month reflects significant savings in their electric bill.

SJ stressed that a solar powered themed restaurant is a new concept; a unique concept that has proved to be quite a challenge. Just like any other business, the initial stage proved to be difficult and demanding.  There was a slow return of investment.  But since its opening last February, Megawatt has slowly picked up the pace and is steadily growing. She adds that all the partners are looking at it from a long term perspective.  They know that their concept is one that will surely pay off.


With only just 6 months running the business, Joyce highlights that they already have queries regarding restaurant franchising and expansion. But the cautious voice in her says that it would be better for them to develop the brand first, improve the system and hone Megawatt from within.

Joyce and SJ are inviting everyone to come dine at Megawatt. It’s located at 41-A N. Domingo corner Gilmore, Barangay Valencia, Quezon City. They are open from Monday to Saturday, 11am-930pm and Sunday, 930am-930pm.  For reservations, you can call 501-2987 and our mobile number 0905-299-1852, FB: and Instagram: @Megawatt.PH