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Agrilink awaits you

Whether you are an ordinary farmer, an agribusiness operator, hobbyist, inputs supplier, trader, academic or just an ordinary consumer, you should visit the 2016 edition of Agrilink. This is the country’s biggest agricultural expo which will be held on Oct. 6 to 8 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Rowena Bienes showing the high-value crops exhibited at the Agrilink by Allied Botanical Corporation

Rowena Bienes showing the high-value crops exhibited at the Agrilink by Allied Botanical Corporation

By attending the trade fair, you could pick up a lot of ideas that you can convert into profitable business projects. Say you can buy a dozen pullets and a couple of roosters of the Paraoakan chicken. That can launch your own native chicken business in your own province. Native chickens can multiply fast and you can make money by selling the native eggs, six-month old pullets or cocks for meat, or you can sell them as breeders. Native chickens command a high price and they are in demand.

FRUIT TREES— Maybe, you go for exotic fruit trees like latex less jackfruit, imported mango varieties with big fruits, or pomelos that are superior in eating quality and fruitfulness. Buying a few grafted planting materials can launch your own money-making orchard. You can make them your mother plants which you can multiply by grafting or marcotting. Selling the fruits as well as your propagations can give you a good source of income.

VEGETABLES—You will discover at the trade expo that there are many varieties of vegetables that you can grow for money or for your own consumption if that is your wish. You will surely appreciate the high-value crops that the seed companies will be showcasing during the trade show. Among them are watermelons, honeydew melons, sweet corn, and hybrid vegetables like tomato, eggplant, ampalaya, cucumber, squash, upo, and many others. There are seeds and seedlings that you can buy which you can plant immediately.

Vegetables have a short gestation period and you can harvest them as early as 25 days from planting (kangkong) to 55 days for Jill Apple melon. If you are enterprising enough, you will be able to look for varieties that you can grow the whole year round so you can have a steady cash flow.

INTERESTING PEOPLE—At the trade show, you will not only find plants and farm animals.  You will most likely meet other agri-people with whom you could share ideas and experiences that are mutually beneficial. You will come to know the sources of hard-to-locate farming supplies. You can also meet old acquaintances or classmates.

FOOD PRODUCTS—You will also be able to buy and taste different regional food products showcased at the booths of the different regions. Durian from Davao, bagnet and garlic from the Ilocos, sisi (fermented shell) from Leyte, crabs from Roxas City and the like.

You will also find a lot of herbal teas (Ashitaba for one) and food supplements that may be organic or otherwise. Processed meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables come in a wide variety of packaging.

FREE SEMINARS—You can also attend free seminars that could be held simultaneously during the three-day event. You just have to choose what you like which could be on piggery, free-range chicken, animal nutrition, organic farming, and the like.

The things we mentioned above are just a few that can interest you. You have to go around the exhibits to appreciate how many opportunities there are in agriculture. See you there this Oct. 6 to 8. Entrance is free.