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Who’s that Pokémon trainer?

Five types of Pokémon Go players you’ll get to meet

By Isabelle Laureta


Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, then you probably know by now about the most revolutionary mobile application since Instagram or Snapchat—Pokémon Go.

Not all “Pokémon Trainers” are the same though. Just like our dear pocket monsters, Pokémon Go players can be classified into different types, too. So which type are you?

1. The Overnight Connoisseur

Fans have been introduced to and went immediately crazy for Pokémon since they were, what, 10 years old? But some only get on the loop now since it has been gloriously revived by the smart phone app. These are the Overnight Connoisseurs, or if you want to be crass, the Feeling Fans. Overnight Connoisseurs are getting a lot of unnecessary hate, because other people say they only became “fans” because of the game, but there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re part of the system now. Some people just really hate it when they go claiming they’ve been a fan ever since, then sharing the wrong information about their “favorite” Pokémon.

2. The Bandwagon Buster

These are the enemies of Overnight Connoisseurs. They are the Team Rocket to their Ash Ketchum. They think playing Pokémon Go requires 10 years of knowledge and experience. They find it unacceptable that people who can’t even name all the 700+ Pokémons are even allowed to get their hands on the game. These are the same people who ranted on social media about those who admire Steph Curry only for the magic he did during the NBA finals. It’s easy to spot a Bandwagon Buster. Just listen to their conversations, and if you hear the words “Dati ko pa alam ’yan!” Counter them by giving them a standing ovation and a medal for being a true and authentic fan.

3. The Hardcore Player

There are moderate players like myself who just check in on the game from time to time, and then there are intense hardcore ones who will fight tooth and nail just to get the Pokémon they see nearby. I have a friend who braved the rain and ran about five blocks just to catch a Blastoise. Another friend went on a trip to the beach just to catch a rare water type Pokémon. Their distinction? Their phones are always connected to a portable battery charger to get them through the long hauls of Pokémon hunting. Put yourself in their shoes. I mean, I’d brave the rain and run five blocks if James Reid were nearby. We all have our own obsessions, right?

4. The Player-Turned-Hater

There are some people who’d go to unusual lengths such as posting long Facebook statuses about how Pokémon Go is just a waste of time and therefore won’t do anything good for everyone, causing social media wars. If there’s one distinct trait I can use to describe Player-Turned-Hater types, it’s that they can’t let people enjoy things.

5. The Oldie Who Needs To Be Trained

Who says Millennials are the only ones getting addicted to Pokémon Go? When my parents asked me about the game, I knew what was coming—they’re going to get hooked on it like they got hooked on Candy Crush. The Oldie Who Needs To Be Trained (or TOWNTBT), like their name suggests, needs constant guidance while they play. Be sure to always be of help when they ask how they can download the game or why they need to register to play or what the heck a Charmander is. How to spot a TOWNTBT? Well, aside from the distinct age gap, they’re the ones who put their phones at least two feet away from their faces (which almost always light up when they see a Pokémon nearby, even it if’s only a Pidgey or a Rattata). If you see one, don’t laugh. Give them all the help they need.