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Urban Agriculture Expo slated on September 17-18

The third Urban Agriculture Expo will be staged on September 17-18 at the Market Marke Central Plaza in Taguig City. The two-day event is a project of the Manila Bulletin and Agriculture Magazine to familiarize urban dwellers about many food production projects that they can undertake right in their homes.

Different ways of growing vegetables will be showcased by seed companies as well as  hobbyists and commercial growers. The new varieties that are highly productive will be made available by seed companies like Allied Botanical Corporation, East-West Seed Company and others.

Visitors will be able to see the vegetable starter kit developed by Ramgo intended for teaching school children how to start propagating vegetables. Each kit includes a biodegradable pot, potting medium, seeds, fertilizer and a piece of paper where the school kid can note down his observation during the growing period of the seedlings.

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  • AMERICAN LEMON IN A CONTAINER – One useful citrus that you can grow in a container right in your backyard is the American lemon and its many relatives like Key lime and many other lime varieties. The trick is to plant grafted planting materials in a container that is provided with loamy soil enriched with processed organic fertilizer like Durabloom. Photo shows a fruitful American lemon in a container displayed in a garden show. /2016.mb.com.ph
  • LETTUCE IN A STAND – If you have limited space in your home garden, you can plant your lettuce and other leafy greens in a stand as shown in photo. The plants are planted in plastic pipes that are installed horizontally one on top of each other. Holes are carved out where the seedlings are planted. The growing medium could be a mixture of carbonized rice hull, processed organic fertilizer and coco peat. /2016.mb.com.ph
  • NUTRITIOUS MICOGREENS – Urban gardeners can produce microgreens right in their homes. These are seeds of vegetables that are sprouted and harvested when their true leaves are just emerging.. These are prepared as salad instead of the full-grown lettuce and other veggies. Vegetable seeds suitable for making into microgreens include radish, pechay, mustard, lettuce and many others. /2016.mb.com.ph
  • HONEY BEE PRODUCTS AT THE URBAN AGRI EXPO – Expect the Milea Bee Farm to display their honey and other bee products at the Urban Agriculture Expo which will be held on September 17-18 at the Market Market Central Plaza in Taguig City. Photo shows Edilee Omoyon with their various honey bee products at the last Urban Agriculture Expo at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. /2016.mb.com.ph
  • BEAUTIFUL LETTUCE IN BLACK PLASTIC BAGS – Visitors to the Urban Agriculture Expo at the Market Market Central Plaza in Taguig Cioty will be able to see practical ideas in growing their own vegetables right in their homes. Just like these beautiful lettuce exhibited by Allied Botanical Corporation at a previous Urban Agri Expo staged by the Agriculture Magazine and Manila Bulletin./2016.mb.com.ph
  • HYBRID HIBISCUS – Flowering plants are also available at the Urban Agriculture Expo like the hybrid hibiscus from UP Los Baños shown here with Reilie Lacson. Other flowering ornamenhtals are different varieties of sunflower, canna, zinnia, vinca, marigold , and orchids. /2016.mb.com.ph

Microgreens – Many homemakers will be glad to see microgreens which are actually sprouted vegetable seeds which are harvested when they have newly emerging true leaves. These are very nutritious for making salads. They are also very easy to grow in  plastic pans and other suitable containers. From the day the seeds are planted, they can be harvested in just about 10 days or thereabouts.

Business-minded individuals  can learn to produce microgreens which they can sell to customers. These are very clean young vegetables which are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Fruit Trees In Containers – Visitors will also get some ideas at the Urban Agri Expo regarding how they can grow many of their favorite fruit trees in containers. These are usually planted in durable rubberized containers or halved plastic drums.

Homeowners, for instance, can grow their own calamansi trees in containers. Grafted plants which are adequately fertilized will produce a lot of fruits which can be used in the kitchen.

Many other fruit trees can be grown in containers. These include American lemons, chico, imported makopa, pummelo, atis,  mango, pomegranate and others.

Culinary And Healing Herbs -  Many culinary and healing herbs can also be grown around the home. These include sweet basil, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, mint and many others. Many visitors will really be  glad to find out that tarragon makes a very refreshing tea. Just put a few leafy stems in a glass of boiling water and, presto, you have very relaxing beverage.

Hybrid Vegetables – Urban gardeners will be able to buy seeds as well as ready-to-plant seedlings of cherry tomatoes, salad tomatoes, different varieties of peppers (hot as well as hot varieties), eggplant, okra, lettuce, patola, ampalaya, squash, upo and many more.

Flowering Plants – Lovers of flowers will be happy to see the new varieties of canna or Bandera Española, sunflower, marigold, zinnia, celosia, vinca, torennia, petunia and many more. There are dwarf as well as tall varieties of sunflower. The dwarf ones that are distributed by Allied Botanical are becoming a favorite potted flowering plant.

It seems there is a growing market for flowering plants, especially in the urban areas. Proof is that the seed companies are carrying different varieties of flowering plants that are imported. These companies include Allied Botanical, East-West Seed, Ramgo and Known-You Philippines.

Gardening Lectures – Visitors would be glad to know that there will be free lectures on growing various food and ornamental crops. There will be a talk on organic farming and gardening. This agri editor and part-time farmer will talk on the opportunities in growing fruit trees in the urban areas.

Entrance to the Urban Agri Expo is free to the public. So make sure to be there.