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Style it like an expert

Style superstars Liz Uy and Rex Atienza have A+ tips on working that jogger pants look

By Kaye Estoista-Koo

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Think that jogger pants are tricky (drop pants, OMG)? Consider this your fashion lesson on putting the look together.

LIZ UY, celebrity stylist

Know your style

“Joggers should be an everyday wear. Don’t just follow a trend, or copy a layout you saw. Know your body type, your personal style, and work with it.”

Use menswear

“I totally suggest using menswear, I always borrow from my boyfriend, and I always get from my brother Vince’s closet. Find a piece of clothing you like, and don’t chuck it just because you think it’s not for your gender.”

You can totally layer even with ’Pinas weather

“Even if you remove the pieces one by one, the outfit should still have maximum impact if you chose your layers well. For a casual hang-out with the gang, a white shirt with a camo button-down and hoodie will make you look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.”

If you go for knits, wear it with a polo

“I love knits, especially when I travel because I easily get cold. Knits are wearable and very comfortable.”

Choose basics you can style in many ways. 

“When shopping, find something you can envision as styled many ways.”

Rock innerwear as outerwear

“I’m a big believer of having fun and experimenting with pieces that you’d wear to the beach or at home and using them as part of work or play outfits! You’ll see, it looks good and you save space in your luggage!”


REX ATIENZA, creative director

Always consider proportion and jazz up the look

“If you’re wearing big, loose jackets, keep your bottoms tapered. Guys have classic jogger or ultra-stretch jogger to choose from, so choose the ultra-stretch for a sleeker silhouette.”

Just have fun with it

“Once you have your basic items, play and pair the items up: A grey hoodie can be matched with a stylish button down shirt with a V-neck to make it more fun. Find balance and fun in a work outfit by wearing knits under a blazer. Match plaid tartans with a denim jogger for a funky travel vibe.”

As you layer, understand where you’re going

“If you don’t want to look too simple, layer and play with colors and texture. Uniqlo pieces are for tropical climate. The down jackets are thin so if you’re traveling, go for triple layers.”

Go unisex

“There are basic pieces you can pair with anything: Joggers, even sweaters, are unisex, so it’s not limiting.”