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How yoga can change your life

E1I seriously don’t know how I ever relaxed before yoga. It’s the only form of exercise that makes me feel completely whole and is the one thing that is guaranteed to de-stress me when life gets hectic. As a mother I use it as a tool to build patience through pranayama, daily practice, and meditation.

So why is yoga so good for you? The benefits I have experienced have been extraordinary. I sleep better, longer, and earlier. I feel much more at peace with life and myself. Yoga is a proven stress buster! My practice has made me slow down and pay attention to each day because I find my center on the mat and it helps take me through my day.

BE A BETTER YOU Women of all ages enjoying a nice session of yoga while the men are in tiptop shape, thanks to Evolve + Central Ground CrossFit

BE A BETTER YOU Women of all ages enjoying a nice session of yoga while the men are in tiptop shape, thanks to Evolve + Central Ground CrossFit

When you begin practicing yoga, the studio and the teachers are an integral factor in how much you progress and most importantly enjoy and feel the benefits from the practice. Six years ago, after I gave birth to my eldest son Kieran, I began practicing at Evolve Yoga (then called Bikram Yoga Alabang). I had gained a whopping 70 lbs. during my first pregnancy, so I had to be disciplined to lose the weight and I used Bikram yoga as one of my tools to get back into shape. I was supported by Evolve Yoga + Fitness studio owner Ginger Serrano-Diaz and I credit her encouragement (along with other teachers) and way of teaching as one of the reasons that I really fell in love with yoga.

Now Evolve is open in BGC, which is the best news for all of us. Evolve offers a wide range of heated and non-heated classes, learning sessions, and programs that support a healthy lifestyle. Taught by a roster of qualified teachers from around the world Evolve offers Vinyasa, Candlelight (Vinyasa) Flow, Absolute Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Gentle Flow, Yin Yoga, as well as Bikram Yoga classes and Baptiste Power Vinyasa (the first studio in Manila to do so).

Aiming to be true to everything the word “EVOLVE” stands for, they are presenting a new concept, the first of its kind in the country, (Evolve) YOGA and (Central Ground) CROSSFIT under one roof. This partnership is the first to show the synergy between these two disciplines.

CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program focused on constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity, has grown exponentially since it was established in the US by its founder, Gregg Glassman.

With this new branch they aim to show fitness devotees how balance can be best achieved by combining the two disciplines: strength in CrossFit and flexibility in Yoga. They would like to show everyone what they already know—that Yoga practitioners will benefit from gaining more strength, and that CrossFitters will benefit from gaining more mobility.

EVOLVE + Central Ground CrossFit is located at G/F One Parkade, 7th Ave. cor 28th St., BGC. Websites: www.evolve.com.ph + www.centralgroundcf.com.