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Quality investment pieces

After interviewing architects, interior designers and people in the know about investing in quality home pieces, we have finally collected a summary of the ones that we should splurge on since quality never goes out of style.

They suggest that we should invest on pieces that exhibit functionality, comfort and aesthetic design as to how it will complement our interiors. Listed are 6 investment pieces that you can pass on to your kin.


Dining/Living Room

Table Sets

Our dining and living room are places where we spend most of our time together as a family. If only these pieces of furniture could talk, they would certainly relive the moment that they were delivered to your home; how well they were cleaned and polished, recall the highs and lows of each family member; and the celebrations that brought everyone together. Invest in hardwood like Narra, Kamagong or Mahogany as they are classic pieces that could be passed on to the next generation.


Bed Frame

A full, queen or king size bed frames made out of solid wood is an investment piece that would surely be appreciated by the lucky recipient. But better discuss the matter to him or her because fit could be an issue since condo units are usually limited in space.


Chandelier/Lamp shade

Chandelier/lamp shades are a little bit tricky since the design varies from Baroque, Victorian, neoclassic, modern to minimalist. With so many options available, it’s certainly confusing. But better choose the one that will suit your home’s interior design since its main purpose is to complement the room that it will be lighting on.



A quality cabinet/dresser could work doubly as an accent and functional piece in a room. It could be placed adjacent to the wall in your living room where mostly used items could be stored or in your bedroom for clothes, linen or towel storage.



A piece of art has a stored value in them that will appreciate over time. Be it an Amorsolo, Hidalgo, Luna, Cabrera or works by other Filipino artists, a painting as home décor will stand through time and trend. Plus, it’s a good conversation starter for your guests.


Study Table

Our well-loved sturdy study table could benefit our grandchild who’s only starting to discover the wonders of school. It’s best to clean up your desk and make sure that every piece of document is filed and sorted to avoid misplacing them while you move on to your new home office.

You probably noticed that these are all cost-inducing pieces of furniture and décor, yes it is. But just think about the amount of money you’ll be saving by investing in quality pieces that other family members could also enjoy in the future.