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Infant in the house

Welcome your baby home with a top-notch nursery

Having a baby, especially for first-time parents, entails a lot of preparations – and uncertainty. A major task ahead is being able to create a nursery, your newborn’s special place at home. The process is definitely exciting especially because it comes with many legitimate reasons to shop. Every parent dreams of giving the newest member of the family the best welcome-home present: An ideal space to be nourished and loved.

In the quest to design the most ideal baby room, considerations go beyond choosing colors and themes. A nursery should be, first and foremost, safe and practically designed for what taking care of a newborn demands. While the approach in decorating will be unique for every parent, there are universal guidelines you should observe. Here are some tips to start the process, moms- and dads-to-be:


Complete any major works early on.

Prioritize tasks that involves paint, repair, or construction. For example, tearing down a wall for more space will take some time. Once these are done, decorating will be more enjoyable. Remember that you want a space that allows natural light to come in, lets air circulate, and is away from any noise that may disrupt your baby’s sleep.


Think long term when choosing colors or themes.

You are likely decorating a space for your child to use as he or she grows up. Gone are the days when the choice was just between having a pink or blue room. The ever-dependable color wheel can guide you in selecting complementary colors. Why not go for neutral shades or prints that will not appear too baby-like in a few years? Some parents prefer gray over white, for example, because it is more stain-friendly.


Give the room a vintage feel.

The accent tables, night stands, and dressers your nursery needs may already be in your house. You may save a lot by looking for furniture you can recycle. Using what you have can help incorporate your home’s overall feel into the baby room as well.  Should you opt to buy, choose offerings that babies can use even as they grow up. Find a crib that can eventually be converted into a bed. Invest in quality brands so even when you splurge, you know it’s on something that can last a long time.


Measure your space before any purchase.

As you plan your nursery, take note of important numbers like the height of your wall or the floor area where you plan to put the crib or a recliner. Imagine seeing the changing table of your dreams on sale at the mall and not being sure if it will fit the room! Keep a photo of the room along with these measurements in your phone for easy reference. Some parents-to-be even use a vision board for their nursery plans to help keep them focused and consistent to their vision.


Consider how the room will function.

Your nursery’s layout should be aligned for you to be able to comfortably change the baby’s clothes and feed your newborn. For example, all the items you need to change diapers should within arm’s reach of the changing table. The doorway should not be blocked by items that can endanger you or your child.


Enjoy choosing accents.

It’s all in the details, right? After deciding on the key pieces of your nursery, there are toys, books, stuffed animals to be bought. Choose the timing of your shopping wisely, as you may receive similar things during your baby shower and during your baby’s baptism and birthdays. Let possible gift givers know what color scheme or theme you have elected for your nursery. Maximize gift registry options or request for gift cheques from your store of choice.


Delight in choosing sights and lights.

What your baby sees in the room will certainly help develop his or her mind. Choose large prints or photographs, suggests, to give your nursery “a childlike feel without being cluttered.” When it comes to lighting, go for calm and relaxing tones. Your lamp should not be too bright. It needs to be kind to your infant’s eyes, especially for feeding in the middle of the night.