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Ready… Sushi… Go!

From the playful branding to its exciting fusion sushi rolls, this proudly Filipino-developed concept store will have Filipinos turning Japanese!

Sushi, noun, a Japanese dish consisting of rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.  This definition of the popular pop-in-your-mouth appetizer (or entreé, if you prefer) has been elevated to an entirely new level by Sushi Nori. Manila’s first to-go sushi bar recently opened its flagship store at the SM Mega Fashion Hall with media movers, online influencers, and celebrities from local tinseltown in attendance.

Sushi Nori is the newest concept store created by the mother-daughter team of Sheila and Milka Romero, owners of ROKU Sushi + Ramen.  “I first got the idea for the store in my travels abroad. Sushi on the go is a staple for take-out food in New York and London. I noticed how convenient it was to eat my favorite Japanese food. Knowing that the Filipinos love Japanese food, too, I brought the idea of creating an extensive sushi menu via a quick order-and-go concept to my mom,” said 24-year-old managing director Milka. The plan came to fruition last year when the partners opened Sushi Nori at SM Aura Premier.  “As a startup, we needed a catchy but simple name that customers would remember. ‘Nori’ means seaweed and as it is the basic ingredient in all our products, Sushi Nori was born!”

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 Roll Two Ways

At the opening, guests were served what else—a sushi smorgasboard! Customers chose between two sizes: fusion temaki (think Japanese sushi-burritos) or sushi roll (rice and ingredients rolled in a nori log and cut into six pieces.) What I liked about the menu is its wide variety of flavors, which are sold at affordable prices. In fact, the restaurant boasts of 26 innovative and mouthwatering dishes. To make ordering easy, the exciting offerings are grouped into five categories based on taste preference and budget. There’s Basic, Deluxe, Super, Special, and Premium.  My tastebuds can only take low levels of heat, so I opted to try one of the store’s original creations: Sushi Dreams (R259). Made from salmon, kani, cream cheese, and topped with teriyaki sauce and tempura flakes, it was the perfect  blend of savory and sweet. Delicious! The splurge worthy Super Cali (well, not really at R329) is also a must-try for sushi lovers. Made from premium ingredients like blow-torched salmon, unagi teriyaki, and special aburi sauce, the dish is sure to satisfy. My family, who are fans of Japanese cuisine, will definitely like this place.

“Even if we are a fast food service store, quality is never compromised.  Each sushi is made from the freshest ingredients and handrolled as you order,” said Sheila Romero. “We aim to make sushi eating more fun, fuss-free, and highly satisfying.” A quick look around the enthusiastic party happily enjoying their choice of Japanese fare tells me that they have achieved just that Kampai! Congratulations, Sushi Nori!

Sushi Nori is located at Level 4, Food on Four, Sm Aura Premier (cel no. 63 936 261 7016) and Level 5, Mega Food Hall, SM Mega Fashion Hall (cel no. 63 936 261 6991). Future stores will open by October at UP Town Center, Katipunan and at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell.

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