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New baby

For a gentler and kinder life

Last week I unveiled my “newest baby,” my rebranded website, The launch was held at Susi in BGC, a vegan, gluten-free restaurant that fits perfectly with my way of life. The whole launch was about bringing my website and my ethos to my readers. It was an intimate media event, which had guests from the media and the online blogging community, as well as a few of my close friends, family, and some of country’s most influential moms.

Amanda Griffin Jacob, daughter Lila, and host Lexi Schulze /

Amanda Griffin Jacob, daughter Lila, and host Lexi Schulze /

The venue was immaculately styled by Indy Ycasiano of She Dreams in Ink, one of the best stylists around. Indy transformed Susi into an eco paradise resplendent with wild flowers and greenery wherever the eye could see. As one guest put it, it was straight out of pinterest, dreamy and so very Instagram-worthy.

The program included guest speakers health advocate and body builder Hilary Isaac and Pure Beaute’s Jean Javier who spoke about the importance of clean living and kinder products for the environment. Key subjects which are tackled in the new site.

NEW BEGINNINGS: Andi Manzano-Reyes with Hilary Isaac /

 Andi Manzano-Reyes with Hilary Isaac /

My partners included Certified Calm and Evolve Fitness, companies that espouse healthy living philosophies. They provided eco products and yoga/crossfit gift certificates to empower the guests onto a path of wellness. They will also be working closely with my new site to help bring accessible wellbeing to my readers.  Eco beauty brands Human Nature, Zoya, and Pure Beaute converged to support the site and provided in a goody bag products that don’t harm people or the planet. Human Nature gave their newest product, the Perfect Flush Cream Tint that is a two-in-one cheek and lip tint. I love Zoya because it’s vegan and they gave the naked manicure. Zoya is free from the big five (chemicals that you don’t want seeping into your skin via your manicure!) and Pure Beaute provided a travel-sized pouch with wonderful coconut-based items like soap, facial wash, and shampoo. Take Root gave delicious plant-based snacks that are not only good for you but taste amazing, too.

1G-worthy decorations /

1G-worthy decorations /

Hosted by veteran host Lexi Schulze, the launch gathered the likes of Teresa Herrera-Anthony, Patty Laurel-Filart, Andi Manzano-Reyes, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Yvette Fernandez (Town and Country’s EIC), the Gypsetter’s Vicki Abary, Darcy Ong of Certified Calm, Pierra Calasanz, Monica Manzano, Ginger Serrano of Evolve Fitness, Carmina Sanchez-Jacob, Bianca Santiago, Ginger Arboleda, Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo, Frances Sales of Baby Magazine, and Irene Dujunco of PAASI. They feasted on Susi’s signature vegan chimichuri burgers and gluten-free pancakes while decorating gorgeous succulents provided by Smarty Plants (@smartyplantsph).

It was a brunch morning well spent among friends that conveyed my message. It’s time to live a better, kinder, greener life, and it’s within your power to make the change.

Visit now and tell me what you think of the new site.