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Lucky You!

Meet Penshoppe’s newest endorser

He got scouted for modeling at 10, got signed at 12, and from that day on, has been on photo shoots and runways. You might think Lucky Blue Smith’s all about fashion and looks, but he’s way more than that. Manila Bulletin Lifestyle got to sit down with Lucky and we discovered who the world’s most famous young male model is behind the six-foot-two-inch frame, piercing blue eyes, and platinum hair.


How did you get started in modeling?LY

I was 12 years old when I got signed. Backtracking a little bit, my sister got scouted when I was 10 years old when we were still living in Utah. She got scouted and signed by Next in Los Angeles and the agent told me “We want to see you in a couple of years,” and then a few years went by and I forgot all about that. And then we took a family road trip to LA and I just wanted to go to the beach and have a fun summer vacation in Southern California. My sister wanted to go the agency and she wanted us to come. So I went with my family and her agent saw me and signed me.


When did you realize that modeling was the real thing, that this was work?

When I was starting to get super busy. It was right before I went to fashion week for the first time and I started to book a few more jobs in LA, and a couple of different ones in New York and more editorials. I realized that this could actually be a thing. Then I went to fashion week and that pulled from there.


How did you balance school  with modeling?

School is interesting for me. We moved to LA during the summer before my 10th grade. I was in public school my whole life and then I started homeschooling and I got super busy modeling and homeschooling became so hard. You have to do it yourself, you’re not in a class, you have to figure it all out and do it on your own. Traveling on top of that makes it even harder. When I’m on a flight and I’m super tired, I’m not going to do homework, no way, especially in a foreign country.


What’s more exciting: walking the runway or shooting commercials?

I like shoots. It’s really fun. Shows are cool and you just go and walk and it happens so fast. But I like shoots because you can hang out with the photographer and the whole team the whole day, then kick back and have nice lunch. If I had to pick, it would be shoots.


You are also in a band! Tell us about it.

I’m with a band with my three sisters. We’re called The Atomics. I first got drums when I was six years old for Christmas. My sisters and I all got drums for Christmas. My dad taught us all how to play. First, it started out as something to do for fun until we started taking it seriously until we got signed by an agent in LA. So we moved to LA and that’s when we decided to fully go for it. When we got to LA, music took a backseat for a while because modeling made everything so busy. Now, we’re trying to switch it a little so we’re doing a bunch of music videos and finishing two songs. We have a couple shows coming up and more recording.


How do you spend time with your sisters?

We all get along. Music definitely helped a lot and built strong relationships. That kind of thing is really good. There’s that sibling bantering and fighting but we all get along. I really enjoy working with them, doing a shoot with them, I really like that. Working with them makes it easy. We had disagreements. The good thing about us is I can be fighting with you for a second and just give me five minutes and I’ll be fine. We’re all like that, and that makes it easy for us to get along. We just leave it behind.


How do you feel about social media and connecting with all these people?

It’s been a pretty crazy experience, social media. The first time I did a meet-up, I just gave them a couple hours advance and I didn’t know anyone was going to show up and I’m thinking nobody was going to show up but they did. That was fun. I always get in trouble because they tend to be a little hectic, but I always try to make sure to meet as many people as I can.


If you weren’t doing all of this, what do you think would you be doing right now?

By this time, I would have just graduated high school. I haven’t even thought about that. When I was in school, I’ve always been interested in business stuff. I remember when I was in ninth grade I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer because it sounded cool.


Do you follow a certain diet?

No, I don’t have a diet. I’m blessed with really fast metabolism.


Which models or celebrities do you want to work with in the future?

The coolest thing in the whole world is to be in a movie with Leonardo diCaprio.


How do you manage balancing your career with social life?

My career is my social life. My friends, I met them on shoots. When I’m at work, I’m having a social life as well.


Are you familiar with any tourist destinations in the Philippines and if so, where would you like to go?

I have heard (about) and I have seen pictures of  some of the beaches. Some of the beaches here are gorgeous.


How will you describe your own personal style?

Simple, classic, timeless, vintage. I like black skinny jeans, black Chelsea boots, and button-up shirts.


What’s your go-to outfit?

Black jeans, black boots, and I really like this vintage Western shirt that I have or a black t-shirt and a cool jacket.


Five pieces of clothing that you think every guy should have:

Black skinny jeans, black Chelsea boots, black t-shirt, white t-shirt, vintage bomber jacket, and then you’re set for life.


What’s one thing you will never wear?

Shorts. I don’t wear shorts unless I’m doing a swimming shoot.


What’s your favorite fashion moment?

Shooting a campaign in Iceland with Annie Leibovitz. It was awesome, traveling and going different places to shoot and an amazing campaign with an amazing crew and an awesome photographer.


Anything you want to say to your Filipino fans?

You guys are the best, you should all know that. Thank you for your support. I’m coming back soon. I love you guys and thank you.


Would you consider dating a Filipina fan?

Of course. It doesn’t matter if you’re Filipina, American, Chinese, or Australian. What I like in a girl is to be herself and just own your personality and be yourself. That really attracts me.


Lucky Blue Smith was launched as a Penshoppe ambassador back in February when he became the face of the brand’s spring/summer campaign. Lucky will be featured in Penshoppe’s pre-holiday campaign, Rule the City, alongside the brand’s other ambassadors such as supermodels Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Sean O’Pry with Asian superstars Sandara Park and Mario Maurer. Featuring a myriad of cool and undeniably stylish pieces that come in both dynamic and subdued colors, the collection for this campaign intends to highlight the vibrant and edgy fashion sense of “cool kids” from different parts of the world’s most  fashionable metropolises.; Facebook/Penshoppe, Instagram/@penshoppe; Twitter/ @PENSHOPPE;Snapchat/@teampenshoppe