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10 novelty socks for every personality

Why settle for plain socks when you can wear the cutest ones in store? The next time you go online shopping, check these out.




By Camille Santiago • Images by Mike Dee additional photo from Iconic Socks


1 Pikachu, P100, Sock House MNL Because anything Pikachu-related you see, you gotta catch ‘em all!

2 Basic Smiley, P100, Sock House MNL Live it up like we’re in the 90s with this vintage smiley print.

3 Boston Terrier, P100, Sock House MNL If you’re a little too obsessed with cute puppies, you’ll like this print.

4 Popcorn, P150, Sansue Shop Netflix and chill, anyone?

5 Saturn, P150, Sansue Shop Doesn’t this remind you of your favorite childhood character, Chuckie Finster of Rugrats?

6 Sporty socks, P300, Iconic Socks This pair will surely help you step up your game.

7 Argyle, P649, Happy Socks Inject a little fun to your classic argyle socks and go for a colorful one!

8 Sprinkle, P649, Happy Socks Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Decorate your feet with this pair of multi-colored confetti socks.

9 Play Rewind, P349, Proppy Socks Are you a music lover? Then this “play and rewind” print will have you dancingto your feet in no time!

10 Clouds, P349, Proppy Socks Walk on cloud nine with this comfy pair.