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Swiped, tapped and delivered

Technology runs almost every aspect of our lives, And with the Internet of Things, being connected has given us immense possibilities — almost everything you can possibly think of.    It is like rubbing a genie out of a lamp; a simple click or a tap and your wish is the smartphone’s command.

Mr. Dennis Ng - Founder & CEO of Mober

Mr. Dennis Ng – Founder & CEO of Mober

Apps refer to programs that are designed to fulfill a particular purpose. So if you want to remotely turn on the lights in your condo unit once it gets dark/just before you arrive home or perhaps remotely watch your kids play with yaya while you are at work, a simple tap on a particular app magically does the trick.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  In reality, there are a lot of applications designated for home security, entertainment, navigation, and almost about anything, including service…fast, reliable delivery service that is.

We all know the convenience of a delivery service; but how many times have consumers been burdened because they are always at the mercy of a delivery schedule?  Who has not experienced after buying big, bulky, expensive appliances still had to wait 3 or more days before the next delivery schedule?  How many times have we moved appointments/schedules and wasted long hours waiting for a delivery?  If you ask for my personal experience with this; I would say quite often.  How about you?

I am a working mom and a homemaker.  I don’t have the luxury of time.  So I want things done right away.  It may sometimes be on a whim; but when the situation calls for it, I want things done that same day.  This is probably the reason why delivery – the schedule and the wait most often just ruins my day.2

Thank heavens, now there is a more efficient, reliable, on-demand delivery service in the presence of Mober.  What makes it even more convenient is that it is just a tap and swipe away! Mober is an ingenious app-based delivery service in Metro Manila.  Available for both iOS and Android users, Mober’s on-call service will benefit not only individuals but small business entrepreneurs as well.  Dennis Ng, Mober CEO/Founder takes pride in the fact that it is first of its kind in the Philippines.  He says, “I can’t find any delivery company that rents vans for delivery.  This service is very convenient for SMEs who don’t have delivery vans.  If there is no budget for them, then why not consider renting a van?  You cannot find any company who would rent their vans for delivery.”

Mober’s on-demand service eliminates tedious delivery service.  Imagine the convenience of simply booking a van where clients can demand for the specific time of delivery.  You eliminate the long wait; plus, you get to book for a van capable of carrying everything from pets to business equipments.   For individuals, Mober is beneficial for those who need delivery services for purchased home repair supplies, furniture or appliances to their home.  In fact, Mober’s first client, Dennis Ng shares, was from Makati who needed to move his stuff from his home to a new condominium.

In the app, users choose the pick-up location and final destination of delivery.  No trust issues here because users have access to their driver.  Users can easily track their deliveries literally from the palm of their hand.  Once delivery has been made, users receive an e-mail receipt.  Transactions are through credit cards and cash.  Each trip is exclusive per booking.  And since each trip caters only to just one customer, clients are assured that their items won’t get mixed up with others.

Besides being able to pre-schedule deliveries, customers have the option to book for a van or book a van plus a stevedore to help with the unloading of cargo.  Dennis Ng guarantees accurate delivery times.  Since it is just within Metro Manila, customers can expect their items to be delivered within 30 to 60 minutes upon confirmation.

At present, Mober has 5 drivers and 5 vans of their own.  The rest are third party van owners/drivers. To grow their fleet, Dennis Ng encourages van owners to join.  However, for safety and reliability, Mober requires 2011 vehicles and up.

As Mober continues to grow, expect changes in the app.  Soon, the Mober app will enable clients to just easily drag and drop items to a van of their choice.  Now, that is even more intuitive and convenient!  Indeed, Mober has acknowledged the need for an on-demand delivery service.  It is good to know that even if technology is far more advanced, it still keeps its grip with reality.