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The next chapter

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My baby is growing up. When I started Glam-O-Mamas ( six years ago, this is pretty much what I envisioned and hoped it would be. The Glam-O-Mamas community is comprised of all of you amazing moms who support, share, and empathize with each other. You’re there for the mama who needs a shoulder to cry on, you’re the compassionate cheerleader, the well-wisher, the levity maker. Our group as well as my site is a place that has minimal judgment, a space where women feel galvanized and protected to ask the tough and embarrassing questions without fear of being rebuked or criticized. What an incredibly important community we have all created together. We are well past the newborn and toddler phase!

  • Hilary Isaac and Amanda Griffin Jacob

    Hilary Isaac and Amanda Griffin Jacob

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    Lexi Schulze

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    Cat Arambulo- Antonio, Patty Laurel, Andi Manzano

Now that Glam-O-Mamas is there I feel like my website has the freedom to mature and develop into a resource that encompasses motherhood and so much more. This is why I decided to initiate a slight rebrand. I’m renaming it to because I want to be more inclusive of all women as opposed to being exclusive to women who are mothers. I want to communicate my enthusiasm about living a healthier, kinder, greener lifestyle, and encourage and advocate for women out there to take steps to do the same. I want to share my mommy travel tips and tricks as well as reveal the splendor of the many places I am fortunate to visit. I will also delve into beauty products that don’t contain harmful chemicals, homemade alternatives, and provide how-tos for women who don’t necessarily have the time to spend on long and complicated beauty routines. We all want to look great but I want to make the information on how to do it the healthier way accessible to my readers. I’m extremely passionate about health, wellness, and fitness and I want to inspire women to take control of their wellbeing to lead a happier, more nourishing, and longer life. As a result of three pregnancies I have gained and lost 200 lbs. over the span of seven years. I have been able to do this the healthy way and, as I approach 40, I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life right now. These are the kind of things that I want to impart. Yes, I’m a mother and it is one of the best parts of me, but it’s not the only aspect of me. I’m the sum total of many diverse facets and I want to disseminate my experiences and knowledge to help others who may want to change their lifestyles but are unsure of how to start.

Don’t worry, Glam-O-Mamas still has a starring role on this site. I want to reassure all of you who are loyal readers and a part of our remarkable community that Glam-O-Mamas will not change. I have just integrated it into this new space. Our Glam-O-Mamas Facebook community ( will remain unchanged and will still be called Glam-O-Mamas.

Thank you for being so wonderful throughout all these years and I hope that we can not only maintain our all-embracing community but continue to add to and strengthen it too. I hope you are open and excited for this next chapter. There will always be a little Glam in this mom.

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