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Brush it off

When it comes to choosing the right brush, check the different types and price points available to you before making your final selection

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  • Choosing the right brush for you is key to perfectly applying your makeup
  • Real Techniques offers great quality brushes
  • The perfect brush for your eyes should have natural bristles

One of the essentials of any makeup artist is a good set of brushes. It can be the most important tool in your cosmetics kit because a good brush will help you make the most out of your makeup products. Finding a good set of brushes that work for you is not that easy. You want the perfect one that would provide the effect you want to achieve with the products that you already have.

One of my fellow makeup artists (@allenroemakeup73) asked me on Twitter: “Hi Jake, what is a good set of brushes that I can use for my clients?”

The right set of makeup brushes can make all the difference. Not all brushes are created equal, which is why it’s best to do a little bit of research. Being equipped with the right brush also allows you to be more precise with your application, so here are some tips on how to choose a makeup brush.

• Cover your bases. As a professional makeup artist, it is imperative that I use brushes with natural bristles to apply powder. The softer and fluffier they are, the better to grab and hold the pigments until you apply the color exactly where you want on your face. The price can vary depending on the type of hair, but pony hair, goat, and kolinsky sable are good. If you want the most expensive type, go for blue squirrel, which rates quite as well.

• Pick and choose. I cannot stress enough that you should find the right brush for each task. You need a different set of brushes for the face and for the eyes. The minimum number of brushes that you should have is four: a large powder brush, a slightly smaller fluffy brush for blush and/or highlighter, an eyeshadow brush the size of your fingertip, and a smaller shadow brush for smudging and blending.

For the eyes, there are four staple brushes that you should include: flat stiff brush, stiff dome brush, soft dome brush, and pencil brush. Each one is responsible for color application on different areas of the eye.

For the face you need just a few brushes: stippling brush, contour brush, angled blush brush, and highlighter brush. It also depends on your needs, but these are the basic essentials that you need for your face.

• Go beyond the basics. Some prefer to apply concealer with a brush. A foundation brush tends to blob too much coverage right where it first touches your face, so use instead a damp makeup sponge to stipple on makeup, allowing for a more sheer coverage.

• Buy the best brushes that you can afford. High-quality brushes that have a steep price usually work well due to the materials used and the craftsmanship involved, but you don’t really have to spend too much on a set of quality brushes. My choice is from Real Techniques as they offer all the kinds of brushes. For me, it is a good investment—with its steep price, you really get the quality that you pay for. You can order it online at their official store.

Just as in any battle, you should choose your weapon of choice. And if it proves to be effective, then you should stick with it.