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A new app to get obsessed over

An app that will let you inside the world of dinosaurs, the human body, the universe, and more

INTO THE FUTURE With just a few taps, you get instant access to science wonderland

INTO THE FUTURE With just a few taps, you get instant access to science wonderland

Over 250 museum exhibits, right at the tip of your fingers—The Mind Museum App (TMM) will bring wonder to teachers, students, and anyone interested in learning. Presented by the museum together with Globe Telecom, the app deals with a wide array of topics and questions especially relevant to teachers and students who do not have the time, means, or opportunity to visit The Mind Museum. It is the first educational museum app in the country and promises a rich multimedia experience to anyone who downloads it.

“With the TMM app, we can now truly say that science is everywhere. While being in the museum completes your fun learning experience, having the app brings you closer, like no other technology can, to what animates The Mind Museum inside and out. With this app, kids of all ages, especially students and teachers, will now taste wonder at their fingertips,” says The Mind Museum curator, Maria Isabel Garcia.

Even while cooped up inside their classrooms, teachers can bring their students on a virtual tour of the museum using the Exhibit Guide. This feature provides a map highlighting the exhibits in each gallery and information about them including quick access to exclusive content. The app also sparks curiosity with mind-starting questions on K to 12 topics. It also has a collection of do-it-yourself science experiments and demonstrations similar to those being performed by the resident scientists of the museum, which provides a step-by-step visual guide that can be done in school or at home.

Museum-goers may also take advantage of the app by checking out Learning Footpaths where they can have themed, self-guided tours around the museum. For quick access to exclusive content about each exhibit, they can take a picture of the QR codes.

The app also sends Mind Moving Idea a Day notifications with trivia or a science fact to feed your curious minds.

The TMM app is available for free download at Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS users, respectively.

www.themindmuseum.org; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram/@themindmuseum