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Local band Brisom: New Wave pride

: Brisom band (Facebook)

Brisom band (Facebook)

New, local band Brisom dug deep into the ’80s to find inspiration for their debut album “Limerence.”

In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment, singer-guitarist Brian Sombero shared New Wave and melodic pop directly influenced the sound of his current band.

Formerly of the group Menaya (circa 2008), It’s easy to surmise that groups such as Walk The Moon, Temper Trap, St. Lucia, Atlas Genius – bands with that ’80s influence – could have been the trigger for his revivalist tendencies but no.

“I listened to The Police, The Cure, Joy Division, New Order etc., basically what my mom listened to at our house, that’s where I had my first taste of new Wave,” Sombero said, adding, “So, it wasn’t like I decided ‘I’ll try this sound for Brisom.’ It was music that I grew up with literally.”

So it was that Sombero, drummer Jeffrey Castro, bassist-backup vocalist Jason Rondero, synth-keyboards Tim Abbott, guitarist Terence Teves and synth-percussionist MJ Dantes, took to the sound of cutting edge music–from 30 years ago that is – to come up with the synth-and-guitar driven sounds of their debut.

Synthesizers are the weapons of choice for Brisom. That and a healthy dose of melodies, all of which can be heard throughout the eight, all original tracks from ‘Limerence.” Talking more about their album, Sombero shared the title means “the state of being infatuated.” A good feeling for sure, much like the other songs he’s written, which he describe as “basically (about) good vibes and positivity.”

Their first single entitled “Pride” is of particular importance to the songwriter. “I was inspired by a relative who came out as transgender two years ago. When we were younger, there were already signs of her becoming one but of course, we were just quiet about it. So when I saw her come out, I was happy at how members of our family and friends accepted her for who she is. I can also see how happy she is now. Truly, love rules. No matter who you are, where you come from, what gender you have, love wins above anything else.”

For their part, the members of Brisom are all up for Sombero’s musical vision. Teves admits, “Hindi talaga ako nakikinig sa new wave, but I like our sound.” Rondero meanwhile shares there’s buzz when the songs come together. “Ang sarap lang ng feeling pag nakaka-create kami ng mga songs. It’s what I like about our band.”

Ultimately, Brisom’s goal is to “establish our band’s presence in the industry, and develop relationships with Southeast Asian artists and possibly perform in international festivals.”

Sombero concluded, “We’ll keep on making good quality music and hopefully collaborate with more great artists.”