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Lots of mayors won due to drug money

A lot of mayors across the country have utilized drug money to bankroll their candidacy and eventually secure victory in the last elections.

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said this is the reason why the President is also keeping an eye on the mayors who are into illegal drugs.

Photo courtesy of UNTVRadio.com

Photo courtesy of UNTVRadio.com

“There are a lot of mayors who won because of their drug money. We are really going into narco-politics,” said dela Rosa.

“If this is not stopped, it is the drug money which will be used in politics,” he added.

A few weeks ago, President Duterte himself named five retired and active police generals who, he said, are involved in illegal drugs activities in the country.

A few days later, rumors have been circulating that a lot of mayors are also in the illegal drugs trade. Reportedly, Duterte would name them during his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25.

Asked if there are media personalities who are into drugs, dela Rosa said some mediamen may have been unwittingly exploited by drugs syndicates to pursue their agenda.

The Duterte administration has gone all-out in the campaign against illegal drugs across the country, with the PNP noticing a considerable spike in the number of illegal drugs suspects being killed as early as May 10.

A total of 192 suspected drug pushers and users were killed from May 10 to July 10 based on the PNP data.

Some groups, particularly human rights groups, have been criticizing the PNP for reportedly tolerating vigilantism that targets illegal drug personalities.

But dela Rosa denied the allegation, saying he himself has been advising his men to stick to the rule of law.

“Like what I have been saying before, they can file a case if they found something wrong. They should not generalize,” said dela Rosa.

“Again, I must give you the assurance that I don’t like vigilantism. If there are vigilantes, then I will be vigilant against the vigilantes,” said dela Rosa.