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Here’s how to heal your baby’s soap-damaged skin and keep it healthy, bath after bath after bath.

You bathe your baby every day so her skin must be clean and well cared for, right?  Well, sorry to burst your bath time bubble, mommy, but it isn’t.  Not if you’re using soap, says Dr. Ma. Victoria Dizon, a pediatric dermatologist and a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society who practices at the Makati Medical Center and at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan.  In fact, it’s likely that your baby’s skin already has that “squeaky dry” feeling – it looks smooth but it’s really dry even without visible flaking or roughness, and it’s squeaky when touched – from frequent washes with soap.

Unfortunately, not many moms are aware of this.  They think that using ordinary soap is not only convenient but good and beneficial for the skin.  Citing a recent study conducted by Johnson’s & Johnson’s among mothers, Dr. Dizon shared that only 10 percent believed that their baby had dry skin but the reality is, 60 percent have clinically-visible dry skin.  And the culprit is soap.

That’s why at the “Johnson’s Super Moms’ Transformation” event, held recently at the Activity Center of Market!Market! in Taguig, Dr. Dizon reminded all moms to be choosy when it comes to baby care products and to use only those that are safe, clinically-proven, and made especially for babies.

BEST FOR BABY Marian Rivera-Dantes and baby Zia. /

BEST FOR BABY Marian Rivera-Dantes and baby Zia. /

“The skin of the baby is still maturing as he goes through his first year of life.  Family, antibacterial and highly fragrant bar soaps should not be used on babies as these harsh cleansers can disrupt the skin barrier function and make babies’ skin dry.  Dry skin leads to a lot of problems like redness, itching, irritation, skin infection, and eventually scars which we don’t want our babies to have.  Also, we know that babies’ eyes are very sensitive and these skin-harsh soaps are going to sting the babies’ eyes,” she explains.

To heal baby’s soap-damaged skin, get rid of that “squeaky dry” feeling, and keep skin in the pink of health, Dr. Dizon advises moms to take control and do the following:

Stop using ordinary bar soaps (family, antibacterial and/or the strongly scented types) during baby’s bath time.

Use only a baby wash or cleanser that preserves and protects the skin barrier, preferably one with nourishing ingredients like milk and oats.

Make sure the other products you use on baby like lotion and powder are safe, gentle, and clinically-proven as well.

Consult your doctor (pediatrician or dermatologist) for any skin problem or if unsure what baby products to use.

Listen to your doctor and follow his advice about caring for baby’s skin.

Milk + Oats: the best choice

Milk and oats are not just super foods and good for the tummy; they’re a boon to babies’ and mommies’ skin too, attests Dr. Dizon, so make sure to use a baby wash with these wholesome ingredients.

“Milk protein and oats have protective properties and repairing mechanisms to make “sick” skin become healthy again.  Milk protein effectively protects against skin inflammation, stimulates skin regeneration, and improves skin softness, smoothness, and complexion.  Oats, on the other hand, contain Avenanthramides, a unique compound with effective anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties.  Its lipid and protein content restores soap-damaged skin to healthy,” she says.

Dr. Dizon stresses that these are proven and scientific facts, another important thing to consider when choosing products for your baby.  “There is science behind it (the effect of milk and oats on skin).  It’s not just something na inimbento.  There are studies and science to back up that claim.  We have to make sure that a product is good for our children.  Not all adult products are good for babies.  It should be scientific, not just popular or something that comes out of social media with claims of being ‘organic,’ ‘herbal,’ etc.  You have to make sure the product has undergone studies, scientific studies.”

Actress Marian Rivera-Dantes is one mom who values skin care and uses only the best and safest bath products for herself and her baby Zia.  At the “Johnson’s Super Moms’ Transformation” event, she happily admitted that she uses a baby wash with milk and oats because she wants her and her baby’s skin to always be “healthy, malinis, smooth at mabango.”

“Ngayong may anak na ako, priority ko siya bago ang trabaho.  Kailangan maalaga ka talaga kaya hindi basta kung anu-anong produkto lang.  Kailangan safe, mabango at hindi nakaka-damage sa skin.”

Johnson’s Milk + Oats baby bath and baby lotion are available in supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores nationwide, and online at Zalora (