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Grown App wishlist

Smartphone applications Millennials wish existed

Saan tayo kakain AppBy Isabelle Laureta

Mobile applications have, whether we notice it or not, made a huge impact on our daily lives. Since the rise of evolutionary smartphones, developers have been coming up with applications that may help, entertain, connect us with other people, give us instant flower crowns or turn us into dogs, and ultimately control our usage of these handheld devices. With the help of these apps, our cellphones have become the best friend we’ve never had, because now, they practically have anything, can be anything. Just recently, another groundbreaking smartphone gaming app was released—Pokémon GO. It enables players to be a Pokémon master and basically live their childhood dreams in an augmented reality.

This got me thinking: Is there literally anything mobile applications cannot do? If developers were able to turn the real world into one that’s filled with Pokémon through our cellphones, then surely, anything is possible right? But still, certain moments in my life make me think, “Huh, there should be an app for that.” And so, below are apps that I (and I’m sure Millennials like me) wish existed. Developers, get on it!


1. An app that decides where you should eat.

Probably the ultimate struggle of every friend group is deciding where to eat. And it’s not like the wide array of restaurants and food joints helps. If anything, it makes it even more confusing and difficult. How many hours have we wasted just on deciding where we want to grab a bite in this crazy urban jungle? “Kahit saan,” or “Kahit ano,” isn’t such a great help either (you might as well just say nothing at all instead of wasting your breath.) An app that takes responsibility on deciding where to get dinner not only saves your barkada a huge amount of time, it also saves you from getting the blame if the restaurant you choose turns out to be a flop. Win-win!


2. An app that prevents you from sending drunk texts/tweets.

We’ve all sent an embarrassing text or tweet during a night of fun and booze and immediately regret it the next morning. We don’t know any better especially when we’re influenced by liquid courage, so we can’t really blame ourselves. And the friends we’re drinking with are also probably too drunk to advise against it, so we can’t rely on them, either. But you know whose judgment cannot be influenced by alcohol? An app! Oh, just imagine the what-the-hell-did-I-just-do moments we can be saved from.

3. An app that automatically filters spoilers.

Sadly, there are still a lot of people on social media who think it’s okay to deliberately narrate what happened in a certain TV show or movie. Uhm, I get your excitement, but some of us would really prefer to know what happened by watching the show ourselves. While it helps to mute or simply un-follow these cold-blooded people, it really would be better to never see these spoilers in the first place. One time, a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a monumental moment in Game of Thrones and I almost Joffrey Baratheon-ed her. Trust me, this app could help save friendships.


4. An app that blocks haters.

Aside from spoilers, I want haters out of social media. I’m not talking about constructive criticism. I’m talking about comments that are simply meant to make you feel bad about yourself. While I’ve learned (the hard way) to simply ignore them, I sometimes wish I didn’t see them at all. Trolls and haters merely exist to bring you down. No one deserves hate.


5. An app that’s like Tinder, but to match you with people with the same pop culture and music preferences.

Have you ever met someone with the same interests in pop culture and music as you do? It’s like magic. It’s like meeting your soul mate! It’s refreshing to meet someone who likes the same things that you like. I cannot count how many times I’ve come into an argument with someone who disses the shows I watch and the bands I listen to. I know it’s mundane—nothing like arguing whether or not Duterte is doing a good job at being President, or if Britain should have stayed with the European Union—but it matters to me just the same. As John Keating said, “Poetry, beauty, romance, love—these are what we stay alive for.”


6. An app that helps you make difficult life decisions.

Just last week, on the Messenger app, a friend was asking me if she should quit her job. That’s a huge responsibility to put on my shoulders! I mean, what do I know, right? After a lengthy exchange of ridiculous, almost nonsensical suggestions, we eventually came up with a conclusion—adulting, like riding the MRT on a Friday night, is exhausting, sucks the life out of you. It’s almost impossible. Sometimes, you just wish there’s an app where you could input your dilemma, and it would make all the logical decisions for you. Easy.


7. An app that Tasers you every time you say something rude.

Admit it, there are times we unconsciously make a sexist, racist, or any other socially unacceptable comment. We can’t be blamed though, because we were raised in a society where it’s normal to say “Don’t act like a girl!” or to think that having a dark complexion means you’re ugly, or to greet someone by saying “Tumaba ka!” These prejudices have been implanted in our brains from a young age, and so sometimes we can’t help but think that way, even if we know, consciously, that it’s wrong. Thankfully, in this day and age, we’re slowly but largely being made aware of these defects in perception. An app like this could help condition the unconscious part of our brains to stop saying these seemingly innocent but truly harmful, damaging things. Think of it like a VSCOcam filter but for your attitude.


8. An app that reminds you to take a chill pill and love yourself.

It’s like that app that helps keep you hydrated by telling you to drink some water. Everyone needs to be reminded that they’re doing fine and to take things easy. It’s a tough world out there, and you need all the positivity and hugs you can get—even if it’s all in the form of an app.