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Stand up

Don’t let those bullies dull your sparkle

Stand up

Feeling like the odd one out in your school because you’re being called “feelingera” or “’di naman kagandahan?” The words of a bully can get into your innermost core and shatter you from the inside out, but you don’t have to let them. Here are different ways of standing up for yourself and letting them know that you’re not someone they should mess with.

Don’t act weak

The more you show them that you are affected by their words, the more they feel that they have power over you. This is exactly what they want so that they can laugh at you even more. Look confident in front of them, even if you aren’t. Fake it ’til you make it. Hold your head high and keep on walking.


Love yourself

Tell yourself that what they’re telling you is not true. You’re not ugly, you are just perfect, and it’s just their insecurities that are making them jealous of you and bringing you down. If you want, give yourself a makeover and show them how pretty you can get, and how prettier you can even be.


Don’t respond

Stooping down to their level makes you one of them. If they provoke you, control yourself, smile, look them straight in the eye, and walk away. Remember, “to make patol is human, to make dedma is divine.” If it continues, then tell them right to their faces that they should stop, or else… Showing them that you’re powerful and can stand up for yourself will make them move on and choose someone else to pick on (if you see this, lend a hand and help them, will you? Pay it forward!).


Find a friend you can trust

Their words hurt you. It’s good to have someone you can air out your negative feelings. You don’t have to be strong all the time. It’s good to show some weakness in front of a person who won’t judge you. This can be your best friend, your sibling, your mom, or a guidance counselor. Know that you are not alone and someone will be there for you.


Keep the evidence

Do this especially if you are being cyber bullied. If matters go from bad to worse (we hope not), then it’s time to ask the help of an adult and show them what they’re doing to you. This is not making sumbong (complaining), it’s getting help when you know you need it. You should know when you need it.  Many teens worry that they will be called a “tattletale” if they tell an adult but know that this is exactly what the bully wants you to think. If you can’t manage the situation anymore, then the next step is to tell an adult.


SkinWhite believes it’s time to take a stand against negativity. It’s time to spark a change that’s not just skin deep by letting girls inspire other girls. SkinWhite is proud to introduce its chosen advocates for U Spark 2016 who are all active in spreading positivity not only in their schools, but also in everyday life. They are Martina Reyes from Ateneo de Manila University, Sabine Dualan from De La Salle University, Bea Alcañeses from University of the Philippines-Diliman, Criselle Asuncion from Miriam College, Allysza Marasigan from Far Eastern University, and Klaire Ellise Dulay from University of Santo Tomas.

Martina believes in power of kindness. Sabine sees the value of individuality. Bea is active in promoting the welfare of Filipino children. Criselle is a youth leader who believes that everyone should be given enough chance to nurture his or her talents. Allyssza believes that nothing is impossible in this world. Klaire’s cheerful and sunny disposition is so contagious that she spreads positivity and inspires others.

With each of the girls showing their own display of a beautiful heart inclined to inspire others, the six U Spark advocates were chosen to help spread goodness around the campus. It’s time we let girls graduate form negativity and shine bright with beautiful brighter possibilities with SkinWhite, U Spark Advocates, and you!