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4 ways to care for your child’s skin

Why Milk + Oats can help in the transformation

Do you and your child share the same bath soap? Chances are, your favorite soap bars may not be the most recommended for your young ones. Babies and toddlers have delicate skin that may easily be damaged by the harsh ingredients some adult soaps have.



“The skin of the baby is still maturing as they go through their first year of life,” explained pediatrician dermatologist Dr. Maria Victoria Dizon during Johnson’s Supermoms’ Transformation event where it launched its Milk + Oats baby bath and lotion. “Normal soaps that adults use are not good for babies simply because these are harsh cleansers (that) break down skin barrier functions. When that happens, it will cause redness, irritation…and infection.”

The skin of babies plays an important role in maintaining their health and defending them from germs, irritants, and bacteria says johnsonsbaby.com.ph. A Johnson & Johnson study revealed that while only 10 percent of moms believed their baby had dry skin, over 60 percent of newborns actually have clinically-visible dry skin. A mix of skin care best practices and child-friendly products for the skin are recommended. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Do not be misled by your child’s squeaky skin feeling.

Johnson’s franchise marketing manager Bessie Campillo told event attendees that parents usually associate a squeaky skin sensation with clean skin. “It’s already a sign that our baby’s skin is already so damaged,” she said. The brand recommends using products that specialize in healing dry and sensitive skin to transform a child’s skin quality. The newly-introduced Johnson’s Milk + Oats baby bath and body lotion combines nourishing ingredients to protect skin from inflammation and improving its smoothness and complexion.

2. Apply only baby skin-friendly products to your young ones.

According to Campillo,when babies become toddlers, some parents tend to forget they still have young skin. “We think that they are not babies anymore because they’re so active,” she explained. “Sometimes this affects our choice for care products for them…but the truth is they still need specialized skin care.” Normal bar soaps when used on a child’s wounded skin, for example, can cause redness, irritation, and even infection. According to Dr. Hizon, milk contains protein that acts like a rain coat to protect the skin and prevent inflammation and itching. Oats, on the other hand, contain Avenanthramides and its lipid and protein content restores the damage that ordinary soap has brought upon the baby skin.

3. Do not trust products for your toddlers just because they smell good.

“More commonly, a lot of us are using anti-bacterial soap (or) soaps that are highly-fragrant,” continued Dr. Hizon. “We know that the babies’ eyes are very sensitive. These harsh soaps are going to harm the babies’ eyes. We cannot use ordinary soap on our babies, we have to use baby cleansers but not just ordinary (ones).” The company website indicates that younger skin is 30% thinner compared to adult’s skin, making it more prone to irritation and losing moisture faster. Observe if your child’s skin is flaky after a bath since alkaline may already be stripping his or her skin of moisture. Oily skin signals excessive loss as the skin tries to compensate while rashes can mean certain chemicals are too strong for younger skin.

4. Teach your child about hygienic skin care practices early.

At theJohnson’s Supermom’s Transformation, actress and new mom Marian Rivera-Dantes and daughter Zia were launched as Johnson’s Milk + Oats Baby Bath and Lotion ambassadors. “After giving birth, there are changes in your skin as well,” Marian said in the vernacular. “Proper care is a must. I value being clean and I am passing my practices onto my child.  My skin should always smell good and be smooth. Before, my favorite was Johnson’s Milk line but now after I tried the Milk + Oats products, I have to say it’s my new favorite! I also have my daughter use it. With the Milk + Oats line, you’re sure that it will help your skin glow.”