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Time for Taiwan: Taiwan’s 2016 tourism promotions program

To introduce travel to Taiwan, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau presented a promotions program simply dubbed “Time for Time!” on July 10, 2016 in Manila. The event unfolded at Meeting Room 7 of the SMX Convention Center on the 2nd Floor.

During the program Taiwan Tourism introduced to the local Philippine people the best tour package program to Taiwan, a free lucky draw of free flight tickets, hotel accommodation vouchers and several Taiwan special gifts prepared for the attendees.

The program activity was held at the same time as the Travel Madness Fair in Manila. Taiwan Tourism specially invited famous local celebrities, and famous bloggers to be the program promoter for the event, as well as introducing tasty food, shopping, romantic love scenery, flower seasons, and amusement parks in Taiwan. The event also shared Taiwan’s most fun, premium travel packages, targeted to the Filipino people to make travel plans for a tour to Taiwan.

The culinary culture of the Chinese people goes back a very long time; and while Chinese food can be enjoyed in every large city in the world today, true gourmets know that only in Taiwan is it possible to enjoy fine authentic cuisine from all the different regions of China.

In Taiwan, where most locals are huge fans of tasty and special cuisines, it is said that there is a snack shop every three steps and a restaurant every five. These establishments serve all kinds of Chinese food, and international cuisines. Most specially is that every county has their own specialty therein, for example, beef noodles, all kinds of pastries, Taiwan aboriginal cuisine, and the like. All these fine gourmets combine the special culinary culture in Taiwan so international visitors will like the local food offerings during their visit.

From the north to the south, there are many large shopping centers and chain department stores in Taiwan. For example, the north has Taipei 101 shopping complex, Ximending, and Zhongxiao-Dunhua Shopping Area in Taipei; in Central Taiwan there are the Fengjia night market and the Jingming 1st Street shopping area in Taichung; South Taiwan has New Juejiang Commercial Area, and Dream Mall in Kaoshiung. The easy transportation of Taiwan’s high speed train, Taipei MRT, Kaoshiung express train will be very convenient for travelers to enjoy premium travel experience and tons of fun any time.

In order to make a successful event, the program committee invited famous celebrities Ms. Dianne Medina and director Mr. Carl Brian Q. Salvador to be the program emcees. Ms. Dianne is a famous celebrity followed by lots of fans, and is one of the TV news hosts of PTV4, while Mr. Carl (Nickname Carby) is a film and video director for TV commercials and TV shows. They introduced details of the six-heart theme.

Photo provided by Taiwan Tour Expo 2016

Photo collage provided by Taiwan Tourism Bureau

The event invited a local blogger, Ms. Berylle Kaye Hong, as special guest; one of the top 10 food bloggers in Philippines, having been traveling to Taiwan several times. During the program, she recounted her favorite travel experience and memories of Taiwan, as she also recommended the tasty foods in Taiwan.

Furthermore, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau gave a promotional project to Southeast Asian countries by simplifying visa regulations for high-end group tourists. Filipino people can just participate in the premium travel tour package provided by the premium travel agency partner, and can be qualified to apply for an entry visa to Taiwan with no need for proof of occupation and supporting financial documents. It is good news for local people planning for a tour trip to Taiwan! Some premium tour packages will be introduced by local travel agencies and airline companies as well.

At the end of the event there were lucky recipients of free flight tickets to Taiwan and free hotel accommodation vouchers for the attendees. It was a great event; welcoming all interested parties who registered to join the expo.

For more information please visit official website: www.welcome2Taiwan.net