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The tables have turned

Things Millennials wish they could say to adults

with all due respectBy Isabella Laureta

Type in “Millennials” or “20somethings” on Google and you’ll find dozens of articles like “Things all ‘20somethings should realize,’” or “Things I wish I knew when I was 20.” I get the rationale of these write-ups and I appreciate them. When you’re in your 20s, you need all the help you can get from people who have “been there,” right? They cater to a generation who are basically amateurs at this thing we call life, but does it really mean we know almost nothing about it?

Contrary to popular belief (mostly by generations older than us), 20somethings aren’t always these naive little creatures who have to be nursed and pacified all the time. Newsflash (and with all due respect), we also know things that we wish “real adults” would realize (aside from the fact that you can’t, for the love of God, zoom in on photos on Instagram.)


1. Not all of us want to get married right away, if at all.

“Kailan ka mag-aasawa?” is probably one of the most annoying questions our Titas ask us. And then when you answer with, “Matagal pa po, bata pa po ako,” their response, 99 percent of the time, would be “Ako nga noon 20 years old lang noong kinasal!” Good for you Tita, but some of us do not like rushing into marriage. We’re not even sure if we’ve found the person we want to marry yet. We’re not even sure if #MayForever! We still have to figure out if our zodiac signs are compatible with each other, that kind of stuff. Oh, and the money! Have you heard it’s not that easy to come by these days? Times have changed from when you were 20, you know, with the entire inflation thing going on. So we’re sorry (not really) for not wanting to get married right after getting out of college, okay?


2. Sometimes, a TV show is just a  TV show.

Just because we like watching shows like Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black that depict violence and naked women doesn’t mean we condone them, much more imitate them. I’m so sick of older people judging us based on the stuff we’re fond of watching. Do you really think we’re that naive? Well I’m sorry, but no. If you’re wondering why we watch that kind of stuff, the answer is simple: We. Like. Them. The stories are great. The production is A+. There are lessons to be learned. We can relate to the characters and the actors make us fall off our feet. Case closed.


3. You have to let us learn on our own and make mistakes.

We know you’re only looking out for us, but sometimes, you have to let us be on our own. How else are we going to learn if you always shelter us and not let us make our own mistakes? You’re not always going to be there forever to guide us, right? Granted, like Jon Snow, we know nothing. We have no idea what to do with our lives, but that’s not a problem for you to solve. It’s our lives, so please let us have it. If we need your help, we’ll do the right thing and ask for it. And please stop asking us how life is going because most of the time, we also have no stinking clue. But that’s okay, let us step out of your sheltering arms because we’re going to be fine, just stop breathing on our necks all the time.


4. You’re not always right, you know.

Just because you’re older than us doesn’t always mean you know better than us. Age doesn’t always come with being right, so please stop using the “I’m older than you so shut up” card, like what Matilda’s dad did. This is not to say we disrespect you, though. We may be young, careless, and at times, stupid, but you have to realize that we have opinions that are worth hearing out, too. The thing about using your age to win an argument is that it gives a misplaced authority over our judgement of what’s really right and wrong. And that’s not a way to go about things if we want to live in a fair world. So here’s to all the young, careless, stupid “kids” who are too scared to disagree with their elders even when they’re wrong. May we all find the courage to voice out what we think is right.


5. Support our passions.

It was a typical afternoon of bouncing around the Internet when I came across a video of a timid 12-year-old girl’s audition on America’s Got Talent. Her nervousness was evident but she was with her family. And when she sang, it was like magic. She even got the golden buzzer from one of the judges. She’s so talented, and I think I know why. Well of course it took a lot of practice and other God-given talents, but here’s the ultimate secret: she got so good because her parents supported her passion. That’s why her talent, which was there to begin with, grew into something even more beautiful. I saw it in her mother’s eyes when she was performing—she was just so proud of her. Yeah, she’s extremely talented, but I don’t think that girl would be able to do that well if not for the love and support from her family. So please, we need you to support our passions because we wouldn’t be able to do amazing things without you. We could try, but trust me, it wouldn’t be as good and success wouldn’t taste as sweet.


6. Talk to us, don’t scold us.

You know why we like spending time with our friends? Because we can talk to them minus the usual nagging we get from our parents or bosses. We can talk to them like we’re equals, and they won’t judge or condemn us because of our bad decisions. In fact, they’d even comfort us whenever we’d encounter a slump in the road. Sometimes, the best way to communicate with us is to talk to us like we’re friends. If you snap at us, even if you’re making sense, chances are we won’t even listen to you because of your horrible way of talking. We work better when we feel like we’re a part of a team, not when there’s a person of authority looming over us, watching our every move.


7. We are not defined by our generation’s stereotypes.

“Mga kabataan talaga ngayon,” is a common comment we hear from our elders. Like, what does that even mean? Yes, we’re always on our smartphones, we like (borderline obsessed with) Starbucks, our fashion sense is kind of odd, and we do crazy things with our friends but we are more than that. We have interests, talents, dreams, opinions, and hearts full of passion. Don’t reduce our image based on your quick glance of our lives. Last time I checked, having our faces glued to our phones and an overpriced drink in our hands aren’t against moral standards. Being judgemental is.