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Enough with YOLO-fails [because you can live it up]

Top movers and shakers in the arts, journalism, theater, film, entertainment, marketing, fashion, and even social work come together to show students how to live the life they want to live

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  • Arturo Molina
  • Carla Abellana
  • Catherine Ricafort
  • Camille Meloto
  • Roger Chua
  • Kuh Ledesma
  • AA Patawaran
  • Michele Josue
  • Rajo Laurel
  • Arnold Vegafria
  • Lemuel Lorca

You only live once. How many times have we used and abused the Internet-famous truncated form of this age-old adage—with or without the hashtag—which reminds us, quite literally, that we only have one life to live so we owe it upon ourselves to live it the best way possible? Your cousins dared you to go diving off a 100-foot-cliff in Boracay. YOLO. A friend is throwing the party of the year at his parent’s penthouse suite in BGC (you live in Tandang Sora) but you have exams the next day? YOLO. Your blog is getting very high-traffic and you get one pay-per-click ad contract so you decide to quit school to grow your blog and blogging revenue. Yup. YOLO.

There are more cringe-worthy downright idiotic examples of extreme, reckless YOLO-ing that involved tattoo-fails, fire hazards, and getting naked in public but we’ll leave those to Buzzfeed. Thing is, YOLO has quickly evolved from being the battlecry of the Millennial generation to a dangerous youth motto that falsely gives us the impression that we have free reign in our lives and we can do whatever we like with it because, well, we only live once. But hope springs eternal—both for the wide-eyed youth and the four-word/four-letter maxim that still holds so much promise, even if it’s now reduced to a sarcastic Twitter hashtag.

In this year’s edition of the First Pacific Leadership Academy’s (FPLA) Executive Talks forum, to be held today at the Meralco Theater, the educational organization seeks to provide a practical, more proactive spin to YOLO by not just encouraging students to live life to the fullest but to live the life they want to live. The event is also a birthday dedication and salute to FPLA chairman and esteemed Filipino businessman Manny Pangilinan who turns 70 on July 14.

Part of FPLA’s commitment to produce a new generation of effective leaders, the organization combed through top movers and shakers in the arts, journalism, theater, film, entertainment, marketing, fashion, and even social work to come up with a panel who would, with hope, inspire students to follow their real passions that would gear them toward success and fulfillment in whatever kind of life they aspire to lead.

This year’s panelists include award-winning designer and entrepreneur Rajo Laurel, talent manager and star-maker Arnold Vegafria, actress and Psychology cum laude Carla Abellana, music industry icon and visual artist Kuh Ledesma, Filipino-American filmmaker Michele Josue, Broadway star Catherine Ricafort, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle editor and bestselling author AA Patawaran, Gawad Kalinga creative director and social entrepreneur Camille Meloto, Philippine-born Belgian marketing practitioner Roger Chua, and award-winning filmmaker Lemuel Lorca.

After the forum, a classical concert, dubbed Sapphire, will showcase the sheer talent of the country’s top tenors Randy Gilongo, John Glenn Gaerlan, Christian Nagaño, and Erwin Lumauag, together with Kuh Ledesma. There are also special performances by concert pianist Rudolf Golez and the Manila Symphony Orchestra. The concert will be conducted by Professor Arturo Molina.

No talks of foolish dares and futile attempts to false greatness here. Just pure, unadulterated, no-nonsense conversation on dedication and grit that students, over 500 of them invited to join and participate in the forum, are encouraged to arm themselves with. To the teeth. Because “winging it” can only get you so far. YOLO!