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Step into a whole new architectural experience


Constructed churches, hospitals, bridges, houses or any other structure always begin with a design in mind. Designs vary according to the vision of the client.  It is then the architect’s task to create a blueprint that contains the structure’s drawing, dimensions and notes. Construction begins when a client and the architect have agreed on a blueprint. a1

Now that technology is on the rise, a blueprint is partnered with an AutoCAD just in case the client would want to see it rendered. What does this mean?  Rendered means “adding texture” into a frame.  This involves adding colors, angles, trees, cars and other objects into the picture.  With the help of an AutoCAD, a computer-aided design program used for 2-D and 3-D design and drafting, a soft copy of the blueprint is created.  So if a client wants to see how the façade of his house would look like after the construction, a 2-D design will be rendered containing a photo of the house with the addition of trees, parked cars, blue sky and a few clouds.  All these would make the image picturesque; very similar to the brochures given away by real estate agents.

Apart from blueprints, 2-D and 3-D still frame pictures, there are also scale models. A scale model is a large-representation of the blueprint. This gives the client a chance to visualize how the constructed building will actually look like.  These are the usual components needed before construction.  Then there is the Architectural Walkthrough on Virtual Reality offered by Renderbee Technology, Inc.

Innovative Concept

As explained by Renderbee Technology, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Maricar Nepomuceno, “Architectural Walkthrough on Virtual Reality enables you to transport your client inside an entire subdivision, condo or home.  With the use of a Samsung Gear VR, Oculus or Google Cardboard, clients will be able to view the actual designs before construction begins.

Maricar Nepomuceno, Renderbee Technology, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

Maricar Nepomuceno, Renderbee Technology, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

She highlights that originally these devices are intended for virtual reality games.   Renderbee Technology saw the potential, incorporated them into their rendering services and so the product was conceptualized. Through Architectural Walkthrough on VR, clients will be able to appreciate the designs early on; which is a real advantage.

Renderbee is the only Philippine-based rendering farm. Equipped with 192 cores, running at 130+GHz including multiple servers each having a computer power of five i7 CPUs, they could produce an individual frame in only about 7-8 minutes as compared to a normal computer that would take at least 2 hours to accomplish the same.

Beyond Architectural Visualizationa3

In the country, Renderbee is a pioneer of Architectural Walkthrough. With the help of this service, their clients are able to experience how it is being inside their yet to be constructed building.

Right now, their clients are mainly architectural firms and real estate developers but they are planning to expand with commercial spaces like shopping malls where shoppers could enjoy the al fresco design and even do virtual window shopping.

But beyond the architectural visualization, Nepomuceno says that their service has a lot of potential.  In fact, they are eyeing to venture into movie animation in the near future. They are also working with the local government and the Department of Tourism to help promote the country in any way they can.

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