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Reasons why your device needs a software update

By Christian Abe Garcia


Very often we get pop-up notifications  in our smartphones, tablets, or computers informing us of the need to update the apps, software or OS (operating system) that we’ve installed. Personally, sometimes I find these notifications annoying especially when it pops up every minute or so or when I am in the middle of something

Pretty sure some would choose to ignore and turn these notifications off.  Only a few realize the big impact that these notifications bring to our devices.  These software update alerts actually help improve not only the installed apps or software, but our devices as well.

Here are a few reasons why you would need a software update:

New and improved OS

An OS or operating system is what makes almost everything that we see on the screen of our devices, function.  From the name itself, it “operates” every software or app. It also serves as the home screen or the menu where we would choose which app we would like to use in the device. Without a properly working OS, the device is doomed to fail every time you would turn it on.

The reason why there is an OS update every now and then is because the companies working on these systems are working hard to give their customers the best experience.  Through updates, the device can run faster in terms of operating apps or the home screen.  In addition, the device could also have new features integrated within the new OS.

Strengthened security and protection

When we constantly use the internet, devices are prone to malware or viruses.  Hackers constantly develop new viruses in order to steal information from us or they can just simply destroy everything working inside our gadgets. Security is one of the most important aspects in optimizing technology, and that is why many companies are integrating security updates in order to install newly integrated antivirus software within the devices.

Checking for security software updates is important. Devices will be more protected.   And this leads to a much longer lifespan for our computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Updated support for the device

A new OS update comes with an improved support for your device. The term “support” refers to the staff knowledgeable in their company’s operating systems.  The device’s support team is ready to receive your call if ever you would experience problems and need help with your device.

With an obsolete OS, the support team may not be able to help you.   It is therefore important to update your device constantly before it causes problems.

Improved apps

Apps make our devices “interesting”. These apps enhance the things that we can do with our devices.  Through apps we can play games, chat with our friends, post pictures and videos through social media, and many other fun and entertaining features. However, these apps do need a lot of updates.  Some apps may even need to be updated every week which is quite annoying at times.  So, if you have a lot of apps, expect to get a lot of notification updates.

Updates are important in order for you to get the latest enhancements for your apps. Most of the time, companies handling these apps are adding new or improved features that you might miss out when you turn their notifications off.