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#HubbyChores for the Weekend

Real men pitch in with house work

Stories about husbands taking over the kitchen to prepare Sunday lunch are heartwarming. There is a sense of surprise and appreciation when the man of the house assumes house roles not traditionally associated with them.

Over the years, men in our lives truly have redefined the male home role. They do their share. It can be as simple as serving the best brewed coffee for breakfast or developing special skills like braiding their daughter’s hair. Weekends offer a good window for males to do more than their usual share at home. Generally free from work and traffic-related stress, they can go above and beyond to get some chores done. Here are some suggested Saturday-Sunday tasks.


1. Give the pets a bath. We need not even consider this a chore. We see husbands spend extra time with our four-legged friends over the weekend. After a fun walk or romp around the neighborhood, make sure your pets are fed. Indulge them in a nice, thorough bath. If scheduled, drive them to the vet for their regular checkup or vaccine.


2. Dust off surfaces that are hard to reach. Give them the tools with which they can gladly clean the top of cabinets, the wall behind the television set, and the highest portions of your kitchen shelves or cupboards. If they need some inspiration, remind them that the extra arms strokes help develop their biceps.


3. Change the curtains. Women who have requested their better halves to change the drapes in the living room have continuously reaped the benefits! No matter how simple or complicated your curtains rods are, your man can handle it. Even replacing the shower curtains is a task they can willingly do. We all benefit from having these covered, don’t we? Make sure you serve some cold refreshment to show your appreciation.


4. Wash the dishes. There are husbands who do the dishes. Online, couples share how they talk about chores they love to do and not prefer to. Most likely, they end up doing these chores regularly. Do not be afraid to ask and discuss. If you do different tasks, more will be done at a quicker rate – leaving you both with more time to relax together.


5. Clear an area littered with toys. Who wants to step on a Peppa Pig figurine and an entire army of Shopkins? Not dads, of course. When the kids have gone to bed, they can clean up after the little ones. Help make it easy by assigning a basket for everything they pick up. This will lessen questions from your children the following day about where you placed a particular toy.


6. Check on your home’s structure. Some wives wait for good timing to share a concern with their husbands. The weekend is a good time to request them to check on a possible leak under the kitchen sink. The rain during the week could have given you a clue that the roof gutter needs some clearing. One tip: Let them know early Saturday if work needs to be done. This will give them time to estimate if they need help and contact the appropriate experts. Good luck!