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Do-it-yourself: coffee air-freshener

Photos by Manny Llanes


Coffee is known to be an energy booster drink. But unknown to most, its grounds has many uses. A few of its uses could be to exfoliate your skin, dye your wood work or as an insect repellent or be used as a natural deodorizer. And in the spirit of keeping up with the rainy season where odors at home has the tendency to cling, we’ll focus on how to easily create your own DIY coffee air-freshener with the use of used coffee grounds, old baby socks and ribbons from last season’s gift giving.


Step 01

With the use of a funnel, pour the used coffee grounds into the baby socks.


Step 02

Tie the top end of the socks with cute ribbons. You can even make use of other gift toppers. Instead of a typical bow, why not use curled ribbons, bells, beads and other “bling” that were used to top gift items from birthdays and christmas.


Step 3

Place the DIY coffee air-freshener in an area that needs deodorizing.


QR Code Instructions:

1. Connect your smartphone to the internet
2. Scan the QR Code to watch the instructional video

Choose places at home like the kitchen, dining area, bathroom and garage where you can hang your coffee air-freshener to keep it smelling fresh and clean.