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Why Mocha and Arnel support Duterte

I was in Cebu recently when I bumped into two of the busiest artists in showbiz today namely sexy singer Mocha and comedian-singer-TV host Arnell Ignacio. The two were among performers at President Rodrigo Duterte’s thanksgiving party.

All along, I thought their airfare and accommodation were paid for by Duterte but I was wrong. The two shelled out hard-earned moola to attend the shindig. They didn’t even accept payment for their performances.

“I have been a volunteer ever since Duterte started his campaign,” Mocha proudly shared. “I volunteered mainly to honor my late father who was killed in an ambush years back. He was a court judge in Pangasinan. He was like Duterte, he was fighting for reforms.”

Mocha Uson and Arnell Ignacio

Mocha Uson and Arnell Ignacio

Arnell, on the other hand, told me, it was curiosity that initially attracted him to the idea of supporting Duterte. “I wanted to understand why this mayor who curses like no other politician is loved by so many people,” he said.

“I did my research. I talked to a variety of people. I attended his rallies. I was surprised to see people crying their hearts out to him. It’s like attending a spiritual gathering. His speeches were enlightening.Listening to him made me love our country even more,” the comedian-singer added.

Arnell met Duterte through the latter’s common-law wife Honeylet. “He promised me he will fix this country and I believe him. That is why I’m ready to defend him from bashers. He is true to his word. I know for a fact he returned billions in campaign money given by jueteng lords all because he doesn’t want to owe them favors.”

The singer-TV host-comedian holds degrees in architecture, humanities and music from UP. Asked if he is open to joining Duterte’s team in any capacity, he said, “I am not after any position. It’s enough that I support him behind the scenes. I ran for councilor years back and I know how difficult it is to be a public servant. In any case, we share the same approach relating to governance so, I trust him. This is the guy the Philippines needs. Change is coming.”