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Tools of the trade


Now that the rainy season has arrived, we also have to take notice of possible roof leaks and flooding in the veranda. How much of a hassle would it be if you still had to borrow tools from your fully-equipped neighbor to fix such a dilemma? In this day and age, it’s important to be self-reliant and have these little pieces of machineries at your home. Knowledge about some basic craftsmanship wouldn’t hurt as well. Here are eight essential tools every man of the house should have:


Claw hammer and nails

— When shoving nails into wood and in the event of minor demolition jobs, a good, rock-hard claw hammer should do the trick. A 16-ounce hammer would suffice for some basic home repair needs without it being a burden because of its portability. When choosing the perfect hammer, pick out one that has a sturdy, synthetic handle and has a good balance in your hand. Different kinds of nails like round head, finish, and roofing also come in handy.


Flathead and Phillips screwdriver

— While the Phillips screws have quickly superseded the emergence of flathead screws in most tasks, it’s still convenient to possess a flathead screwdriver in your toolbox. Besides driving in screws, flatheads can also be used in scraping, nudging, and light prying. On the other hand, the advantage of a Phillips screwdriver is that its four-star point at the end allows the user to apply more torque or twisting force, causing the screw to rotate easily.



— Unless you’re tall, a ladder should always come in handy. It will get you high enough to paint your ceiling and the top corners of your walls, as well as fix the leaks in your roof and attic. But before climbing, keep in mind to check first its stability and strength by examining its locking bars, stepladder platform, treads, and feet; otherwise, it would collapse and you’d likely be put to danger.


Crescent wrench

— Also known as an adjustable wrench, it is specifically used on a broad range of hex-headed bolts and nuts, although it can hardly be seen in a craft shop. A crescent wrench is most helpful in vehicles and especially in motorcycle or bicycle repairs. Many bikers believe that it is the single best tool a cyclist can keep while on the road, seeing as it can fix a loose seat and tighten it smoothly.


Metal measuring tape

— The metal measuring tape is a portable measuring device used to determine the distance between two objects and quantify the dimension of a device. Whether you’re assembling a cupboard or measuring to know if your new flat screen TV perfectly fits in your living room, a reliable 25-foot retractable metal measuring tape is a necessity.



— One of the most useful instruments in any toolbox is pliers. Its main purpose is to grip objects firmly, making them bendable and easy to manipulate. Pliers have parallel handles, a pivot where they link, as well as parallel jaws that grip the object. The kinds of pliers comprise of flat-nosed pliers for holding small objects, round-nosed pliers for twisting wires into circles, engineer’s pliers for clutching metal, and electrician’s pliers for clasping electrical wires.


Crosscut saw

— The handsaw has long been the symbol of a craftsman at work. It is a helpful tool used for making furniture, chopping lumber, and other wood-cutting tasks. A crosscut saw consists of a blade and a handle. The blade edge beneath the handle is the heel while the opposing end is the toe. The seemingly countless cutting teeth between the heel and toe have alternate cutting edges to speed up the slicing and carving process.


Cordless drill

— Trying to thrust a screw into wood is tedious. With this tool, you can save up a lot of time and effort with your tasks. A cordless drill is measured by the amount of voltage in its battery. 12 volts is the most precise size. It’s enough power to accomplish most projects around the house; plus, it’s not too heavy. Furthermore, make sure to get the drill which is reversible and has multiple speeds.