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10 practical gift ideas for newlyweds

Your search for practical, inexpensive presents ends here

giftUpon receiving a wedding invite, we ask ourselves: What do I wear? Who do I go with? What can I give? For not only do we want to look good for a couple’s special day, we also want to be able to send them off into married life with something memorable.

Practicality is a major consideration of soon-to-be married couples. Getting monetary gifts in lieu of five rice cookers are surely preferred. Funds for a honeymoon, living space, or long-term savings are always welcome. Having said that, tangible gifts are also a sign of thoughtfulness and effort. Here are 10 items to consider the next time you get an invite. Always remember that, again, if gifts are well thought of, money is never wasted.


• Lights all around.

Lampshades or night lights can make new homes cozier. Choose a style that a couple can use for the bedside or working table. The simplest interiors can be brightened up by small lighting fixtures. There are even desk lamps in the market with USB ports so they can function as charging docks, too!


• Accent pieces.

If you know the bride and groom very well, you must have great ideas to give their home a signature look. Are they fans of the same rock band? Framed lyrics of their favorite song can find a place in one of their shelves. Did they get engaged in San Francisco? Gift them a miniature version of the Golden Gate Bridge. Are they both into mountain climbing? Search for display items like boots or a pocket knife magnet.


• Overlooked kitchen tools.

Kitchen sears, utility or ceramic knives, knife blocks, and even can openers are gifts many couples will appreciate. Often, the most important needs are forgotten in the name of big packages. Realize how important these tools are in your own home so you can see the value of other people having them in theirs.


• Accessories for the bar.

Couples will more than likely receive wine bottles as gifts or bring home unopened bottles of the drinks they purchased for the reception. A bar tool set, ice bucket, cocktail shaker, or cold-drink dispenser will certainly complement these gifts.


• Well-deserved serving stuff.

You cannot go wrong with serving trays and plates, colorful bowls for ice cream, and serving baskets for fruits. You will add to the ease newlyweds will have when they entertain guests.


• Scent possibilities.

Diffusers and candles can change the feel and mood of any room or space. These are practical gifts newlyweds can use even when they are not entertaining guests. Choose stylish containers for diffusers so they can integrate it in any room easily.


• Ever-useful bathroom rugs.

Probably the safest gift for a new home, as you may know little about their plans for their home interiors. Choose styles and colors that are easy to pair with any color palette. Bathrooms are one of the most functional part of any home; contributing to it will make your gift useful, for sure.


• Dreamy bedroom slippers.

Let them enjoy downtime together as a couple by being more comfy at home. Gift the couple with uniquely designed bedroom slippers to walk around their new home in. You can choose a his-and-hers version of one design to make it more suited for the newest Mr. and Mrs. in town.

Rechargeable must-haves.

Newlyweds will certainly have remote controls at home as well as their own digital cameras. Gift them with rechargeable batteries, and charging docks. Some see these as costly investments, but they actually help save money in the long run as they lessen the need to purchase disposable batteries over and over again. Besides, they are environment-friendly and are practical to have during road trips and travels abroad.


• Personalized stationery.

Nothing spells “Just Married” more than cards and notepads with the bride’s and groom’s names printed together. They might use these as soon as they settle after the wedding and their honeymoon to send out thank-you notes to family and guests. You can also consider customized name rubber stamps that they can use for their first holiday presents as husband and wife.