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U.S. Embassy Manila: New non-immigrant visa interview process

Travel made easy with the new Nonimmigrant visa interview process of U.S. Embassy Manila!

The United States Embassy in Manila. (MB File Photo)

The United States Embassy in Manila. (MB File Photo)

Here are some of the changes in the new visa interview steps for those applicants who are interested to travel to United States for leisure, short vacation, study or business purposes:

STEP 1: Arrive early at the U.S. Embassy for your appointment.

“It’s better to be early, than to be late.” – cliche it may be but being early doesn’t need to be an hour or two, 15 minutes allowance for the said appointment will just be enough.

STEP 2: Bring the required documents

Bringing the correct set of documents is a must. The Online Non-immigrant Visa Application or the DS-160 form which indicates your personal information is sufficient enough for an interviewing officer to determine whether an applicant qualifies for a non-immigrant visa or not. Since the DS-160 form is such of great importance, one needs to accomplish it accurately ensuring that all information included are true and correct. However, if there might be some cases where officers needs clarification with the information stated or with the interview, consular officers can request for supporting documents or ask extensive question to the applicants.

Here are the only required documents applicants needs for visa applications:

1. Interview appointment letter
2. DS-160 confirmation page
3. Valid passport
4. 2” x 2” photo
5. All expired passports and U.S. visas, if applicable

However, other visa types requires additional documents.  For details about each visa class, visit http://manila.usembassy.gov/nivisatype.html.

STEP 3: Pre-screening and finger scanning procedure

Upon arriving at the Embassy, applicants will pass through security and enter inside the waiting area. There, embassy staff will help applicants to go to the pre-screening window for information confirmation of the DS-160 form. Afterwards, applicants will be directed to undergo electronic finger-scanning procedure before moving to the final step.

STEP 4: Interview with the consular officer

Finally, here comes the final step! Interviews are what most applicants fear the most. In this final step, applicants will be guided by the embassy staff from the fingerprint area to the non-immigrant visa interview area where interviews will be conducted. Unlike before, applicants will no longer be given numbers that will determine when they will be interviewed.

Now, applicants will just have to wait in line until embassy staff leads them to an open interview window for the interview.

Although applicants might have different cases, everyone will be treated equally with respect. However,  getting approved or denied for non-immigrant visa is in the hands of the Consular officer, nevertheless, one must still answer the questions will full determination and honesty.

For more information regarding  the new Non-immigrant Visa Interview Process of U.S. Embassy Manila visit U.S. Embassy Manila’s official website on http://manila.usembassy.gov/nonimmigrant-visa.html

Information from of US Embassy