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Playing catch-up in NY

You’d be surprised with who you’d bump into while in New York. During our recent visit, we were quite happy to see old friends  Beth Tamayo and Samantha Lopez.

Of course, you all remember, Beth and Sam. Before migrating to the US, Beth was among the country’s more popular showbiz stars, with several movies and TV shows under her belt. Sam, on the other hand, was known to most as “Eat Bulaga’s!” Gracia.

Beth tamayo and Samantha Lopez

Beth tamayo and Samantha Lopez

Beth admitted life in NY is no bed of roses. “Here, you always have to hustle. Everything is expensive so, it is normal for most to juggle two, three jobs at the same time,” she shared.

Beth attested to having gone through several jobs during her stay in NY, some of which she didn’t imagine she would do.

“I worked as nanny once. I also waited tables at a restaurant… it was truly a humbling experience particularly for someone who lived a life full of alalays in the Philippines,” Beth related.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to come here. It was my ex-husband’s idea. I just tried to survive the best I could.”

After almost a decade in NY, Beth is soon relocating to San Francisco having found job in an investment firm.

Sam, on the other hand, decided to migrate to NY after she was offered marriage by a rich shoe designer. Everything was okay until they divorced a few years ago.

“I signed a pre-nup thinking it would make clear I did not marry him for the money. Honestly, I did not see us divorcing. When it happened, I was at a loss. I was not able to save. I had to do odd jobs,” Sam shared.

She found employment as coat checker, bartender, among others.

“I would cry at night not because of what I was doing but because some of the customers  could really make you feel small. I have to deal with very snooty guests,” she related.

It’s all behind her now though. Sam is now among top real estate brokers in Manhattan.

“My long term goal is to have my own building here, even just a small one and become a landlord. New York is now my home and I intend to stay,” she said.