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Dela Rosa won’t let human rights advocates weaken the nat’l police

 The country will have a weak national police force if each policeman will listen to every statement and warning issued by human rights advocates from the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) or the United Nations (UN), the incoming Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief said yesterday.

“If we are afraid of these investigating bodies, nothing will happen. All the policemen will become bayot (gay); nobody will already address this problem,” Chief Superintendent Ronald dela Rosa, President-elect Rodrigo R. Duterte’s handpicked national police chief, said over radio station DZ Dobol B.

Chief Supt Ronald dela Rosa

Chief Supt Ronald dela Rosa

Dela Rosa said that what this country needs in going after violent criminals – like those involved in illegal drug activities – are extreme measures in which the government can display its might.

“We need extreme measures but that are legal. We need violence to stop this because they (illegal drug lords) are very violent,” he said. “And we expect them (drug lords) not to easily give up because of the huge sum of money involved. They have been enjoying the good life for a very long time so we don’t expect them to easily give up.”

Earlier, CHR officials declared that it will stand its ground in fighting for victims of human rights and these include criminals whom it said also deserve due process.

The CHR was reacting to warnings made by both Dela Rosa and Duterte that shoot-to-kill orders will be issued against criminals.

Recently, the United Nations Rapporteurs also hit the incoming Duterte administration for endorsement of extra-judicial killings in the country.

The incoming PNP Chief said those advocating human rights must understand that they, too, will benefit when streets and the communities are purged of criminals.

Unless the streets are rid of illegal drugs, drug lords will continue to wield power until this country eventually becomes a narcopolitical state, Dela Rosa said.

Right now, Dela Rosa said it is the drug lords who seem to be powerful as revealed by the fact that they are still able to run their business even inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), which is the state penitentiary.

“They can bribe policemen; they can bribe fiscals; they can bribe judges and even prison officials. If we are not going to implement extreme measures, sila ang magiging siga-siga sa ating mga community (they will lord it over our communities),” said he said.