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15 Local products for every Filipino

Nothing like Pinoy ingenuity.

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  • Neck pillow, P199.75, Kultura You should grab one of these comfy neck pillows for your next road trip.
  • You Know You’re Filipino If… by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz, P175, Quirks Just how Filipino are you? This book tells us!
  • Pouch, P299.75, Kultura Your carry-all canvas pouch with a patriotic twist!
  • Coin purse, P225, Team Manila Keep your coins handy for your next fishball foodtrip session.
  • Mug, P199.75, Kultura Give your coffee mug an upgrade with this cute and colorful print! P.S. Do you spot the kalesa?
  • Keychain, P99.75, Kultura We don’t know what’s more adorable: this little jeepney or that it’s made out of a recycled can!
  • Polo shirt, P649.75, Kultura Wear the Philippine colors loud and proud!
  • Flavored chocolates, P109.75, Theo & Philo Chocolate with siling labuyo, turon, and everything else? Take. Our. Money.
  • Philippine Pop-Up Wonders by Anika Ventura, P550, Quirks Let this pop-up book inspire your inner wanderlust to explore the hidden treasures of the Philippines.
  • Notepad, P100, All & Sundry Books Perfect for the procrastinators and those who have the Mañana Habit syndrome.
  • Magnets, P299.75 set of 3, Kultura These are perfect gifts to your foreigner friends!
  • Sorbetes shirt, P299.75, Islands Souvenirs For all the dirty ice cream lovers.
  • Sticky pads,P450, All & Sundry Books Make your day at school a lot less boring with these quirky and nakakatawang sticky notes!
  • The Return of the Comeback by Elbert Or, P95, Tahanan Books If you need a good laugh, read this hilarious compilation of Pinoy clichés.
  • Coloring book,P200, Team Manila Join the coloring book craze and make it even more fun with this Manila-themed coloring book.

By Camille Santiago, Photography by Mike Dee