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DOT’s ‘More Fun’ campaign is bronze recipient in Asia-Pacific ad awards

By Azer N. Parrocha, Philippine News Agency

MANILA, June 7 — The Department of Tourism’s (DOT) “More Fun in the Philippines” campaign received a bronze award during the recently-concluded Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards 2016.

Logo photo courtesy of

Logo photo courtesy of

Competing with companies from Australia, India, Pakistan, and other Philippine entries, it was the DOT that clinched the bronze award under the “Best of the Decade” category.

This category gathers the outstanding advertising campaign from 2005-2015 that best exemplifies creative idea and execution with results.

Campaign photo courtesy of

Campaign photo courtesy of

Meanwhile, DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr was also awarded the Tambuli Crimson Award for ‘promoting the Philippines globally through excellent use of Marketing Communications’ and industry leadership.

The award is sculpted like a Tambuli or a native Filipino horn, which according to organizers, the University of Asia & the Pacific, symbolizes authentic effectiveness in its ability to clearly transmit sound to distant places.

Jimenez, in a statement, attributed this success to the support from tourism partners and stakeholders, who helped the department make tourism become a national business and a major economic driver.

“Five years ago, no one could have predicted that tourism would one day be the third largest dollar earning industry in the country. Today, this has become a reality,” Jimenez said during the awarding ceremony at the New World Hotel in Makati City last May 31.

The tourism chief said that the country has come a long way from being a mom-and-pop operation to a thriving national business.

“…Tourism in the country now encompasses and cuts across other sectors – from agriculture, to infrastructure, education, cuisine, to arts and culture,” Jimenez said.

“While we have ushered in an era of modern Philippine tourism, I believe that this is just the beginning of a more promising future for the Philippines and our peoples,” he added.

The Asia-Pacific Awards are marketing communication awards that honor brands in the Asia-Pacific region that ‘do good’ and ‘do well’.

The awards are organized by the School of Communications of the University of Asia & the Pacific, in coordination with advertising agencies, to create positive impact in society through marketing communications.