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Everything falls into place for Coraleen Waddell

Coraleen Waddell

Coraleen Waddell

Sometime in 2010, Filipino-Irish Coraleen Waddell found herself in the Philippines wanting to start a career in show business.

She has since signed up with Viva Films appearing in several films including “Diary Ng Panget” and “Talk Back And You’re Dead.”

Though far from being a household name, Coraleen is happy where she is.

“Nag-enjoy kasi ako na nai-enhance ko ’yung talent ko,” she said in an interview.

The actress-model also acknowledged how her management team continues to help further her career.

“Viva Entertainment takes good care of me. They continue to give me roles in movies and I could only be thankful. Currently, there’s discussion for more projects,” she shared.

Coraleen wants to do heavy drama soon.

“I have been in the bagets genre na eh. Puro kikay, young and fun. So I want to do something different, something heavy. I want to push my abilities,” she said.

She is hopeful about landing one big role that could help her finally make a huge mark, noting, “I want to do something I have never done before.”

She considers her being “likable” and “casual” a plus that could lead to more projects.

“I really enjoy meeting different people. I also welcome different experiences,” she said.

Coraleen doesn’t want to enter into a romantic relationship for now, opting to focus on work.

“The management told me to stick with show business and to keep my focus so, that’s what I’m doing,” she said.

If she has learned anything in the past years it is the value of patience.

“Success doesn’t come overnight. It entails a lot of hard work. Just keep your focus, your time will come,” she related.

Of course, looking good is important too. Coraleen takes care of her well-being by getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of water, having a balanced diet and TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins, which she endorses.

“Kasi importante sa work na you don’t just look good on the outside, you also feel good on the inside,” she said. “I feel very fortunate to endorse TruLife Collagen Plus V. It helps.”