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When artists share more than their talents

The Oasis of Love is a Catholic Charismatic organization founded by actor Christopher de Leon 23 years ago to help colleagues renew and deepen their relationship with the Lord. Today, it counts among members people from all walks of life.

Last Sunday, we put up the Oasis Fiesta, a fund-raising activity. I helped invite stars to grace the event pro-bono. It wasn’t easy.

Stars earn a minimum of fifty to a hundred thousand pesos just to attend an event and I was actually a bit apprehensive over the task at hand.How can I make them agree?

Christopher De Leon with Joey G and the author

Christopher De Leon with Joey G and the author

God is good, however. He gave me big stars in the likes of Jamie Rivera, Joey G, Buboy Garovillo of the Apo Hiking Society, “Asia’s Got Talent” winner Gerphil Flores, Michael Angelo Lobrin, as with upcoming stars Marion and Ashley Aunor, Tart Carlos, and Joanna Chantal Pupos.

Jamie sang all her inspirational hit songs like “Only Selfess Love,” “The Jubillee Song,” “Tell The world Of His Love” and “We Are All God’s Children,” among others.

Joey G rocked the house when he sang “Got To Believe In Magic” and everybody’s favorite Side A song “Forevermore.”

Gerphil not only sang, she also offered a testimony.

She told us, “My mom had a difficult time conceiving me, so she promised God that if she could give birth safely and give this baby life, whatever talents the baby will have she will offer to God as much as she can.”

Of course, as well all know, that is exactly what Gerphil has been doing for years now, sharing her wonderful voice in the name of God.

Buboy was nervous to sing solo, saying, “Hindi talaga ako sanay na walang kasama sa stage.” Eventually, he mustered enough courage to sing his band’s immortal hit “Paano.”

Then the singer asked two members of our organization to sing “Awit Ng Barkada,” much to everyone’s delight.

“Ang sarap kumanta kasama ng grupo, na-miss ko ito. Nag-eenjoy ako,” he said.

Just like that, I suddenly missed the Apo Hiking Society. I wish they could come out of retirement and sing again. Sigh.