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Models don’t love burgers? Gigi Hadid proves otherwise

Gigi chows down cheeseburgers with Jimmy Fallon

First-time The Tonight Show guest Gigi Hadid made a surprising claim on Tuesday (May 17, Philippine time) when she slammed the common notion that models –moreover, supermodels like her – cannot and do not eat meaty burgers.

To celebrate her 21st birthday, host Jimmy Fallon gave Gigi her favorite burger as a gift. Gigi was all smiles as she gave it a huge bite while telling the audience that eating clean can help you stay fit, while eating burgers keep you sane.

“It’s something that I go by religiously in my life,” said the American fashion model about the quote.

“My bestfriend and I moved to New York… and we decided we’re gonna try a new burger every week and find the best burger in New York. So my first year in New York, that’s what I did,” she shared. “I had (J.G. Melon burger) for dinner last night.”

Her go-to “Gigi Hadid burger”? J.G. Melon’s super simple burger that comes with all the “veggies”. However, Gigi admitted that she doesn’t like tomatoes.

Gigi Hadid bares a burger given by Jimmy Fallon. (Screen grab from 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' via YouTube)

Gigi Hadid bares a burger given by Jimmy Fallon. (Screen grab from ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ via YouTube)

Last April 23, her actual birthday, Gigi said she spent the day at the beach with her family without drinking. A week later, she went to Las Vegas to try playing Poker with singer boyfriend Zayn Malik.

“My boyfriend taught me how to play Poker the night before we went to Vegas so I won $400. I’m very excited. On a $15 Poker table. I thought that was pretty good… or Blackjack,” she shared as she tried to remember what game it was.

“It was Blackjack,” she confirmed after a moment, causing a good laugh from the audience.

Jimmy and Gigi tried gambling with imaginary cards but the two celebrities proved that playing cards are just not their thing.

That night, the Victoria’s Secret angel also posted a scene from her appearance at the show on Twitter, telling her followers that burgers are the “key to (her) heart”.

Gigi also sent a shoutout to the Philippines in a recent announcement, saying: “For all my friends in the Philippines!! So happy to be the new face of @Penshoppe xx.”

The tweet, accompanied by three Philippine flag emojis contains a quoted tweet containing her photos from the local brand’s latest shoot. It can be recalled that her model gal pal Kendal Jenner was also previously tapped by Penshoppe to become their brand ambassadress.

The next question is: Will Gigi also be paying a visit to the Philippines like the other brand models? Fans will find out soon.