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What makes Miss D busy

I must say that working with award-winning actress Dina Bonnevie is a total delight.

We hobnobbed once in the past when I appeared as guest on her now defunct talk show “Ms. D.” But getting to know her further while working on the movie “Magtanggol” made me realize she is far from being mataray and she is, in fact, quite chummy.



I asked her why people call her mataray. She said, “I am not afraid to voice out what is wrong in any given situation. When I know and believe I am in the right, I do not hesitate to speak. I believe, that is the only way to fix problems. Of course, some people don’t like the truth so I get branded as mataray.”

The Ateneo de Manila graduate confirmed talks about her turning down a young PNoy who was her classmate then, saying he is not her type.

Miss D has one of the most beautiful faces in Tinseltown so it is no wonder she has been wooed by some of the country’s hottest bachelors including the likes of billionaire Enrique Razon.

“That was millions of years ago, I am happy with DV now living the simple Ilocano way of life,” she said.

DV is Deogracias Victor Savellano, a public servant in Ilocos Sur. The couple has been happily married for four years now.

Miss D was married prior to “Eat Bulaga!” host Vic Sotto, with whom she has two children, Oyo Boy and Danica. Her second husband was businessman Dick Penson.

At present Miss D is busy with civic concerns, including that of empowering her husband’s women constituents. “I am actually very happy for these women. This has become my personal advocacy, transferring to them skills and lending them start-up funds so they could earn. Some of them have already been able to put up cemented houses complete with air-conditioning. Some of them thank me for improving their marriage because now that they are busy, they do not fight as regularly with their husbands. They also have more things to talk about with their husbands because they have learned new skills. Some of the products they produced I help sell abroad. Some of the food items they make I sell in Victorinos, our restaurant in QC.”

I asked the eloquent and intelligent actress why she does this and she answered, “It’s my service to God and our country. Of course, I could just keep on doing TV and movie projects but this is my way of paying it forward to the country. There is a God and he wants us to love our fellowmen the way we love ourselves.”

I asked the prolific actress how she found God and she told me, “I had to die to realize that there is a God.”

She continued, “It was way back in 1988, during a guest appearance on Alma Moreno’s ‘Loveli-ness.’ The show was using a smoke machine that proved too much for me, an asthmatic. I actually collapsed.

She then claimed, “ When I woke up, I saw myself looking down as they try to revive me.  Then a white light brought me to this beautiful garden. It was so beautiful I did not want to leave. Then a presence started talking to me. There was no face or body. It was like we were talking mentally. The presence showed me a huge movie screen and it featured my life. It played chapters of my life where I was, let’s just say, not in my best… behavior. And I was like a lawyer trying to reason out to the entity.

“Then suddenly, I heard the voice of my daughter Danica. She was six years old then. I begged the entity to let me go back reasoning no one will take care of Danica. Just like that, I was back. After that experience I started to search for God. I started attending bible studies and going to church. I realized my second life will be useless if I do not use it to help others. I am grateful that God gave me this second life.”