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PNoy ready to die for democracy

Duterte-Marcos leadership sends chills down President’s spine

President Aquino yesterday declared he is ready to defend the country’s democracy even at the cost of his life in the wake of a strong possibility that martial law will return under a Duterte-Marcos leadership. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. are currently leading the presidential and vice-presidential surveys, respectively.

The President stressed his readiness to sacrifice his life for democracy one day after revealing plots by the militant Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) to assassinate him, and kidnap his sister Kris and boxing champion Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao.

The President, in an administration campaign rally in Cebu province last Wednesday, has expressed resolve to fight any abuses in the next administration, after feeling uneasy with the survey surge of Duterte and Marcos.

Aquino has voiced opposition to the candidacies of Duterte and Marcos fearing their alleged dictatorial tendencies.

“If I see anyone who abuses power, I will take a stand against it but we’re not sure if I would still be here. Will they allow me to take action?,” Aquino said in his remarks in Filipino.

“I believe if they think I will oppose them, I may be the first to vanish?” he added.

Aquino, however, said he was not afraid to die after having fully served the country.  He admitted that his opponents may even take advantage of his minimal security detail when he steps down from office.

“Some people may already be plotting against me. If they succeed, that’s fine with me. I think I have contributed enough to improve the plight of our nation,” said Aquino who will end his six-year term on June 30.

The President visited Cebu last Wednesday to rally support for Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas and his running mate Leni Robredo in the final stretch of the campaign season.He did not mention the names of Duterte and Marcos in his latest campaign speech but alluded to the frontrunners in the presidential and vice presidential surveys.


At the campaign rally in Cebu, Aquino recalled that the Filipino nation fought the Marcos dictatorship three decades ago but lamented the opposition candidates with alleged abusive tendencies are now leading the pre-election surveys.

“It’s the 30th anniversary of EDSA revolution this year. We said we will stop corruption, we will stop the dictator, right? Sometimes I wonder if the surveys are correct,” Aquino said.

“During the 30th anniversary of EDSA, the survey frontrunners are those who will return the style of ‘I am the boss. My view is the only right view. All those who do not follow me, get ready.”

Aquino first took a swipe at Duterte for his anti-criminality platform, saying such tough measure had already been implemented during the dark years of martial law.  He said the candidate first promised to stop crime within three to six months but later backpedalled and pledged to only “suppress” crime.

“You know, I believe that it’s okay if you’re making a new promise. For me, we already did that. That was the system in the Philippines from 1972 and 1986,” Aquino said, referring to Duterte’s campaign against crime.

Aquino likewise mentioned the candidate’s worrisome potty mouth, tendency to pick a fight with anyone, and refusal to show his medical record. He said the public deserves to know the true health state of a presidential candidate to show fitness for the job.

“Under the Constitution, the Cabinet must be informed about the true health condition of the president. Because during the martial law, let’s not forget that the real health condition of Mr. Marcos was hidden from us,” he said.

The President also criticized anew Marcos in his Cebu campaign visit, saying the vice-presidential candidate is likely to repeat the mistakes of his father. Aquino, who has openly campaigned against the return of the Marcoses to national power, said the senator has refused to apologize for the martial law abuses in the past.

“He is ready to apologize if he knew what he was apologizing for. It means, ‘we didn’t do anything wrong.’ If they believe they did not make mistakes, they will likely continue them. So is the survey showing his lead correct?,” Aquino asked.

Despite the survey lead of opposition candidates, the President said he trusts the Filipino voters will remember the ideals of EDSA and choose the right leaders this May elections. He recalled that Cebu, even Davao, were among the provinces that stood up against the Marcos dictatorship.

“Once I step down from office, I won’t have the PSG (Presidential Security Group) anymore. If their plots against me will prevail, that’s up to them. But can they really beat us? I believe they can’t,” Aquino said.


Malacañang likewise frowned at the proposed comeback of Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison and the release of political detainees should Duterte win in the upcoming elections.

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said President Aquino has strengthened democracy and human rights in his six years as Chief Executive.

Coloma frowned at Sison’s statements that President Aquino has no heart for revolutionaries.

“In all his public service undertakings, President Aquino’s principles are based on his parents’ motivation to strengthen democracy that respects human rights and gives priority to social healing,” Coloma said.

Sison said he is eyeing a ceasefire and resumption of peace talks if Duterte becomes president, adding that he may even come home to the Philippines to personally witness Duterte’s oath-taking should he win in the presidential elections.

Sison has been in exile in The Netherlands since 1987.

Peace talks between the Aquino administration and the communist rebels have been stalled as there were pre-conditions set by the leftists. (With a report from Madel S. Namit)

  • Wekwek Wakwak

    Nabuang na cguro ni c PNOY maski unsa nalang pangyayawon… Wa nay motuo sa kabulastugan ninyu… Mga tarantado mong dagko…

  • Wekwek Wakwak

    Nabuang na cguro ni c PNOY maski unsa nalang pangyayawon… Wa nay motuo sa kabulastugan ninyu… Mga tarantado mong dagko…

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    nagtula na naman si panot..sabi mo nga magpapasagasa ka sa tren kung hind matapos ng 2015 ang LRT/MRT extension manila to cavite sabi mo dalawa kayo ni abaya magpapasagasa kayo sa tren pero ginawa mo ba? hindi! heheheh1 puro ka pangako pero lagi ring napapako…mabulaklak lang ang dila mo.