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Netizens react to Duterte’s alleged P211-M ‘hidden wealth’


By Pamela Ann C. Bangayan

The internet went abuzz on Thursday with pro- and anti-Duterte camps defending their beliefs on allegations that the Davao City mayor has “hidden wealth.”

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Wednesday alleged that Duterte has a bank account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands that reportedly contains P211 million and was not reported in his 2014 Statement of Assets and Liability (SALN).

According civil service rules, failure to declare an asset is a ground for an employee’s dismissal from government service.

Netizens who are pro-Duterte doubted the legitimacy of Trillanes’ allegations while the anti-Duterte camp vowed they will never vote for him in the upcoming elections.

Trillanes said he can prove his allegations that the presidential aspirant from Davao is not poor as he portrays himself in his stories, although the senator refuses to reveal his source. Trillanes even pointed out that his latest exposé is not politically driven and that he’s just doing his job. Trillanes is also running for a vice-presidential post this coming elections.

For his part, Duterte has denied the existence of the said bank account and refused to disclose to his bank details.



  • Linda Logroño Neri

    BIG LIES …kahit anong gawin nyo du30 pa rin.


    Trillanes it was a mistake that I voted for you last election. Duterte doesn’t need to prove anything, burden of proof is with Trillanes. Hence, he must reveal who his source is before anything else. That is how the law works.

  • Du-Dirty

    kung ayaw may dahilan kung gusto me dahilan,
    Print mo na lang DuDirty!!!

  • Yolanda Santos

    Sen. Trillanes has done a great service to the Filipino people by exposing the hidden wealth of Duterte. Duterte after all has feet of clay – his P200 million account, 41 real estate properties, and 16 other bank accounts with his daughter Sarah, with alleged P2.4 billion in transactions. He is not incorruptible, as he claimed he was. He is just another wily crook.

    If Filipinos are looking for a hero – they can look at Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

  • Always_wear_a_smile

    Ang liit ng pera ni DU30 kumpara sa yaman nina Poe, Roxas, Binay at Miriam.

  • James

    ikaw ba, pag ipinagkakalat ko na isa kang futa, pwede ko bang sabihin na “prove to me na hindi ka futa” diba yung burden of proof ay sa akin?

    ikaw ba, pag ipinagkakalat ko na nakaw mo ang sing-sing na yan, pwede ko bang sabihin na “prove to me na hindi nakaw yan at bigyan mo ako ng resibo” diba yung burden of proof ay sa akin?

    ikaw ba, pag sinabi kong ampon lang ang anak mo, pwede ko bang sabihin “pakita ka ng birth certificate” diba yung burden of proof ay sa akin?

    in short, kung may ipagkakalat tayo, let’s make sure our accussations can stand on their own. kung si duterte nag nakaw, di sya dapat makig presidente kasi dalawa na sila ni binay.

  • Leo

    I love this comment flurry, we now have the —wise du30 haters vs. the dutards—with their black power fists waving in anger (so 1970′s) and rubber duterte bracelets held high. Comment battles with dutard supporters is useless by nature.

    Most recently du30 said he will shut down congress, if his supporters are still stupid enough to be favor of him well, let’s just call it a day. Your best effort is spent educating people around you that can help make sure we do not have another dictator in the philippines. eg: Marshall Law, and lawless thugs running the country. “Shut down congress” is the most revealing statement made so far.

    To you do30 supporters get your heads out of your butts, you can still wear your bracelets but please don’t suggest people vote for a lawless philippines. Salamat

    • Mars Amarillento

      Martial Law

  • kingsss

    Sa lahat ng mga tanga.. Madali lang or may tsansa pa kayo talonin c duterte… Wag nyo na iboto c Poe C binay. Magkaisa kayo para Kay roxas.. Baka may chance pa kayo…. Go go na mga desperate… Pwede pa yang idea na yan at least mgcobine nlang lahat ng bobo.. Masmalaki respondents ng SEVEN ELEVEN.. 58% C Digong.. Combine nyo na lahat para sa inyo na yong 42%.

  • Teodoro Belisario

    File a complaint trillanes… ikaw dapat ang magprove kung may 211M nga si duterte. kahit sino pwede maghulog sa account na yan!