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Poe backtracks, won’t consider Duterte anymore as crime czar

Las Piñas City – Presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe said she is no longer interested to pursue her plan of appointing Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as her crime czar should she get elected in the May 9 elections.

After his sickening joke on the slain Australian lay minister who was raped in a hostage-taking in Davao City in 1989, Poe said the plan would no longer materialize even if she wasn’t really serious in her offer.

“I think, now, that’s not going to happen,” Poe told reporters in an ambush interview after her mini-political rally at Barangay CAA.

Poe said she personally found Duterte’s statements abhorrent and “scary” and wouldn’t be surprised that other countries have also joined in denouncing such pronouncements on rape victims.

“As a woman, especially as a mother, it’s not only sad, I’m anxious and scared because that kind of thinking is not normal,” Poe said in Filipino.

During one of his political rallies, Duterte said his reaction was one of regret when he saw that the Australian woman who was raped by a gang inside a prison in Davao was very beautiful and looked like an American actress. He was also quoted saying the mayor should have been the first.

Duterte was telling his supporters how he dealt with the hostage-taking incident. The woman was raped and her throat slashed.

Poe said what is bothersome is for ordinary supporters of the mayor to consider such pronouncements as acceptable.

“We cannot say this is reasonable. This is not a reasonable thinking even if you say you were there yourself in the line of fire or gutter talk. His statements were directed to the victim, and not on the ones who victimized her,” she pointed out.

With that kind of thinking, Poe said a government under Duterte’s presidency would only spark unrest among the citizens.

“While we subscribe to transparency in letting people see you for who you really are, it doesn’t mean everything you say is right. It’s possible that all your statements are unacceptable and should not be construed as something the public should accept,” she said.

“Because if that happens, I believe our society would be placed in a more chaotic situation,” she further said.


Meanwhile, Poe said the May 9 elections is crucial in determining the country’s economic direction in the next six years, the reason the country cannot afford to risk having another six years with the wrong kind of leader.

“We cannot afford to risk having another six years with the wrong kind of leader. It is up to you to judge that. That is what we should remember,” Poe said during a meeting with barangay officials in Quezon City.

With the Philippine economy experiencing a steady growth, Poe said the right kind of leader is crucial to making that growth truly inclusive.

While it is true that the economy under the Aquino administration improved a notch, she said the country’s economic experts believe it needs to be consistently above six to seven percent in at least two more administrations “before we will feel the difference all the way to the ground.”

She noted that the Philippines’ economy bucked the international downward trend and gradually improved in the last six years.

In 2010, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by an average 7.7 percent; in 2011, 3.7 percent; in 2012, 6.8 percent; in 2013, 7.2 percent; in 2014, 6.1 percent; and in 2015, 5.8 percent.

Poe, who claims a platform of inclusive growth, global competitiveness and transparency in government, said she believes creating more jobs and investing in the country’s young workforce can sustain this economic growth.

Should she and her running mate, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero get elected, Poe said they will allocate the equivalent of at least seven percent of the country’s GDP to infrastructure development.

“This would not only bridge the gap in rural infrastructure needs but also provide employment,” Poe said.

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    wow.. she talks like she is even a tenth of Duterte’s worth… A yellow puppet talking down on a tried and tested veteran like Duterte.