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How Jewel Mische met husband online

Jewel Mische and husband Alister Kurzer (Instagram)

Jewel Mische and husband Alister Kurzer (Instagram)

Jewel Mische and American husband Alister Kurzer found love online.

While many get into a relationship through dating sites, Jewel and Alister met via an online Christian ministry.

She related, “I signed up because I was just curious and wanted to know what the site is about.”

In an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Thursday, Jewel shared how she initiated communication by dropping a message to Alister after reading his testimony about “purity before marriage.”

“There’s not a lot of men who would be bold enough to talk about things like that. And he was very bold na ‘I want to stay pure for my future wife and if she doesn’t appreciate that then she’s not my future wife.’ I remember he said something like that, then his love for kids and ministry… I just felt the conviction in every word he said. And I messaged him, ‘I love how you love Jesus,’” Jewel said.

Jewel narrated Alister was not aware of her showbiz background when they first started talking.

“He had now idea who I was,” she said.

Jewel deem the chance meeting proof that “prayer works.”

“He’s my dream man and exceeded even more the husband I imagined for myself,” she said.

Before meeting Alister, she had been praying for someone who is “Godly, dignified, respectable and responsible.”

“The more we talk, the more we realize na kami ‘yung tinutukoy naming for our future spouse,” she said.

It can be recalled that Jewel’s views about “purity” before marriage earned mixed reactions.

Alister did not have any problem about it.

“We set boundaries for ourselves… we (just know we) can make it (work),” Alister said in the same interview.

He added, “As a guy, you really got to set a path you want that to walk on. You want to walk on a certain path and not step off to the left or to the right. And I really thought about my future wife and I really wanted to make her happy.”

The two recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Alister and Jewel, who are residing in Michigan, USA, went to Palawan this April for a vacation. Jewel is currently enjoying her “wonderful” life outside showbiz.

“I love how peaceful it is there, laidback, very simple life,” she said.